Inventor Of The #FistBump on Twitter Gives a FistBump To a 3,800lb Walrus

My family and I had a great behind the scenes experience at Sea World and to top it off, I was able to get a 3,800lb Walrus named Obie to whistle, roar and give me a #FistBump. ¬†Obie was awesome and helped me take the #FistBump to a Whole’ Nutha’ Level!

Share your thoughts on my man Obie and whether or not you think this is the ultimate #FistBump of All #FistBumps.

  • Scott…I’m so jealous. In another life, I want to come back as a Sea World trainer!!!!¬†

    (FYI, I’m a water nut. Been coaching a local swim team with 160+ swimmers ages 4-18 every summer.)

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