RT: ≠ Endorsement

One of the best compliments that a person can give another in the Twittersphere is an RT.  The retweet is a simple way of sharing particular tweets of another with those that are within their twitter stream.  Personally, I share and RT lots of information on a daily basis.

There is extreme power in a RT.  If you think of the RT in the form of network marketing or pyramid marketing, you can only imagine the exponential impact of anything that is retweeted.  The power of a re-tweet is like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going and going and going… it’s ridiculous.

Often times I retweet something and people either assume that I wrote it, endorse it or support it. That may or may not be the case.  Sometimes I’m RT’ing something simply because it’s interesting, intriguing, controversial, helpful, food for thought, enlightening, useful etc.

Recently there was a lot of discussion about Spike Lee retweeting the supposed address for George Zimmerman, who is the front and center target in the controversial Trayvon Martin case. Unfortunately for Spike Lee and for the McClain Family that lived at the retweeted address — it was not the correct address of the intended George Zimmerman. Spike Lee apologized publicly on Twitter and personally to the McClain’s in addition to compensating them for their life disruption.

RT’s can definitely be a positive element; however it’s important to understand the full context of what a retweet means. I love the way CNN Anchor @Soledad_Obrien addresses the issue of retweets in her Twitter profile description.  Soledad’s description may end up as the standard in the future.  Her profile reads as follows:

I anchor CNN’s “Starting Point” airing 7a to 9a weekdays. In my free time, I host docs: Black in America and Latino in America. RTs ≠ endorsements.

Retweets are a nice compliment and a great way to share information… just remember – RT: ≠ endorsement.

Share your thoughts and experiences about RT’s and the fact that RT: ≠ endorsement.

  • Hawkfan77

    Whats your thoughts on someone RT a compliment about them self?

    • ScottWilliams

      I think it can be okay, often times it’s just a way to acknowledge and say thank you.  Some people think it’s arrogant.  I see both sides but lean to the side of benefit of the doubt

  • Great article Scott! RT’s may not = a legally binding endorsement, but they are taken as endorsements nonetheless. That’s precisely the reason everyone is clamoring for them. Perhaps it all boils down to perspective…as usual. 

    Question: How would you handle retweeting an account w/ what some might find to be, an offensive Twitter background?     

  • I see your point and agree that an RT doesn’t necessarily constitute an endorsement…but to me if someone is retweeting something then it obviously is something they feel is worthy of our taking the time to stop and see.  It may not be endorsing what is being discussed but it is endorsing the notion that we need to invest our time and thought into it.  

  • Personally, I only RT those things that I feel people who follow me should take the time to read or view. In a way, I feel I am “endorsing” the Tweet. I am cautious about what I RT. Sometimes I am adding my own hashtag or comments and in that case I feel an even stronger bond towards endorsing or “Hey, y’all – check this!”

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  • RT ≠ High expose stream or hashtag to ridiculous of everybody, VIP stream in particular! Take care of your own opinion…

  • ovi

    well done . great artical.

  • Kelly

    What alt number do I use to make the ≠ symbol?

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