Don’t Just Focus On Your Job… Focus On Your Dreams!

When it comes to work, life, achievement and success we have always been trained to “Focus On Your Job!” If you want to get better, you need to Focus On Your Job! I would agree that it’s important to give attention and priority to our jobs, as they are the primary source of paying the bills, providing for our families and fulfilling the mission of the organization we have committed ourselves to.

Additionally, I would argue that you “Shouldn’t Just Focus On Your Job!”  What I mean by this is I think it’s equally, if not more important for people to spend time focusing on their dreams. If you only focus on your job and not your dreams, I believe that you can squelch your inner creativity, energy, passion and zeal.

I have always encouraged those that have worked for me to spend time during their days, weeks and months focusing on their dreams. Sometimes that time would be within the workday and others would be outside of the workday. It’s not a matter of when you give time to your dreams, it’s a matter of giving your dreams some dedicated attention and focus.

As I look back at some of my employees I encouraged not to simply focus on their job, I can see the path of them chasing their dreams and those dreams becoming a reality. Several individuals whom worked for me when I was a young prison warden, are now business owners living out some of their dreams. One of those individuals operates one of the largest counseling agencies in the state of Oklahoma.

Theses particular individuals were all super-performers for our organization, while simultaneously spending time focus on the dreams and passions that God had placed inside of them. It was a Win-Win situation. I have seen this play out effectively with many individuals, on several different teams and in numerous types of environments.

I know this may seem like are asking individuals to slight their job or not give their priorities full attention. That’s not the case at all. It’s a simple matter of helping those on your team to be energized, motivated, encouraged, inspired and better by sipping from the inner fountain of their dreams.

This past week Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III RG3 was drafted as the 2nd pick overall by the Washington Redskins. RG3’s quote and advice to young people was this, “Don’t just chase your dream… Go catch your dream!” That applies to all of us, we have to go catch our dreams and that’s impossible to do, if we don’t give our dreams time, attention and focus.

Don’t just focus on your job… Focus on your dreams!

dream BIG. think BIGGER.

  • “If you only focus on your job and not your dreams, I believe that you can squelch your inner creativity, energy, passion and zeal.” BOOM!! Totally agree!
    Something I read earlier today: “God the Holy Ghost calls for crusaders… How many ministers would be in church if it were not their job? The answer will be found in the number who never go to the job that is outside.” ~ Samuel Chadwick

  • This is a great reminder. Thank you

  • your dreams some dedicated attention and focus.

  • There are times we stop dreaming, because we are so caught-up in our daily grind, we must learn to take time and dream again!

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