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Everything Begins With An Idea

Ideas are thoughts, conceptions, notions, aha’s, suspicions, beliefs etc. These thoughts are the genesis of everything, because Everything begins with an idea.

The microwave began with an idea. Self-Checkout began with an idea. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest began with an idea. The iPad began with an idea. Beats by Dre began with an idea. Toms shoes began with an idea. Multi-site ministry began with an idea. Microwave popcorn began with an idea. YouTube began with an idea. Do it yourself/online publishing began with an idea. Kony 2012 began with an idea. Fried Twinkies began with an idea. Starbucks Coffee began with an idea. Versace began with an idea. NBA’s OKC Thunder began with an idea. Charity water began with an idea. Pull-ups diapers began with an idea. Pay at the pump gasoline began wit an idea. 5-hour energy drink began with an idea. Everything Seth Godin says or does began with an idea. Idea, IDEA, iDea…

All ideas are not BIG ideas; however Everything begins with an idea.

Some people have more ideas than others simply because that’s how they are naturally wired, how they think and how they interact with the world. Each and every one of us has ideas. Some of those ideas we share and others we tuck back into the part of our brain that tells us, “those ideas don’t matter, they could never become a reality and we should simply forget about them.” Some environments, bosses, supervisors, spouses and even friends are Idea Killers. There is no room for new thinking and new ideas, because all of your ideas are dead on arrival.

Your ideas matter, your ideas can make a difference, your ideas deserve to be heard. Start by sharing your ideas with yourself, then share the ideas with those closest to you and finally share them with the world.

Start asking “What If” questions and the “How To” answers will follow.

Not all ideas are good ideas; however Everything Begins With An Idea!

Do you have any ideas about this post?

The Life Equation


Say No To “Yes Men”

For as long as I can remember, I have worked in organizations where I’ve seen the negative implications of “Yes Men.” By “Yes Men,” I’m referring to those individuals on a team, in an organization or in an environment where the only thing they will do is say “Yes” to their boss.

If a leader wants to be truly successful they must be willing to say “No” to “Yes Men.” The problem with Yes Men and those unwilling to disagree, lead-up or challenge their leader is leaving the leader and organization vulnerable to settling for the status quo.

Not only is it important to say “No” to “Yes Men,” it’s important for leaders to create an environment where individuals can be open and honest. If a leader hasn’t had anyone say the words “I disagree with you” or “There may be a better way” in the last year, there is a good chance they are fostering a “Yes Men” environment.

If people aren’t periodically disagreeing with you, you’re not challenging the status quo and are surrounded by “Yes Men.” Remember disagreeing doesn’t mean disrespecting, it’s just the desire of the team to get to a better result. Some of the best ideas, inventions, solutions have come from environments where leaders surround themselves with people that will shoot them straight.

Say No to “Yes Men.”

Share your thoughts and experiences with “Yes Men” environment.

Top 4 Productivity Tools

There are tons of tools to keep you and your small business productive. I’m always trying new apps and new things, but I seem to land on the same ones every time. Below are a some of my favorite productivity and organization tools for individuals, solopreneurs and small business owners. They are really for anyone that wants efficiency and organization in their daily operations.

I figured I’d just show the videos for Evernote and Neatdesk, as they can communicate the potential of these applications better than I can.



Evernote is universal and hands down one of the simplest tools out there. I am a fan of Evernote and the evernote clipper plugin tool for Google Chrome is awesome.


NeatDesk is by far the best real document organization tool ever. I don’t care whether you are organizing recipes, business cards, notes, statements, receipts… I had the original NeatReceipts and it was cool and it’s portable enough for me to carry with me. The NeatDesk for Mac takes it a whole nutha’ level… it’s ridiculous. I 100% guarantee you will appreciate it and Uncle Sam will as well.


CardMunch is one of my favorite apps. It’s really simple, you take a business card, take a pic of it with your camera, submit it, it uploads all of the name, contact and title information along with a pic of the business cards to your contacts. Yes it’s that easy and yes it works. I have had this app for awhile, sometime last year LinkedIn bought it, so it’s now connected to LinkedIn. That doesn’t affect the usability of the app at all. I basically gather a bunch of cards, when I find a spare moment I scan them all in and throw them away. Easy, Breezy!


I have had this SoundNote app for years, originally it was called SoundPaper; however SoundNote is probably a better descriptor. The short and skinny of this app is it allows you to take notes and record audio at the same time. Once you are finished taking notes, you can simply tap your notes and it will take you to that part of the audi recording. Great for meetings, conferences etc.

Share your thoughts and experiences with these products. What are some of your favorite productivity tools? 

You Can Watch Greatness or Choose To Be Great

We live in a world where there is greatness all around us. We get to watch our favorite TV programs with all of the great actors and actresses. Right now we are in the middle of the NBA Playoffs where we get to watch the greatest basketball players in the world battle it out on the court. We get to attend conferences and hear from some of brightest minds and the greatest speakers of our time.

We simply get to sit and watch greatness. We get to imagine what greatness could be and get a little glimpse of what it is. We get to watch greatness all around us and often times we are in awe because of it.

I was watching a little singing competition called American Idol where people who watched greatness for years decided to take a shot at becoming great. Twelve made it to the top, two made it to the finale and there was one great winner. What changed with these top 12? They chose to be great, they gave it a chance, they stepped in the ring, they got off the sidelines and they got in the game.

“Greatness is inside of you” is not some random quote or saying… it’s truth. You have potential for greatness, it’s time that you reach your God potential.

“Forget about likes and dislikes. They are of no consequence. Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness but it is greatness.” ~George Bernard Shaw

You Can Watch Greatness or Choose To Be Great!

Jayden Plays “Grenade” by Bruno Mars at Piano Recital

My 9yo son Jayden plays “Grenade” at his recital yesterday. This kid does not get nervous at all, I’m not sure how he does it but he just dives in and knocks stuff out. My wife LaKendria works with him along with his piano teacher, because I don’t have a clue. I flew back into town yesterday, just to be a part of this 2:38 experience. You don’t get moments and memories like this back.

Not Bragging: It’s kinda cool that he’s a straight A student, an all-american shot putter, nose guard and tailback in football, track, basketball and yes piano… #ProudDad Remember I’m all about Diversity! 🙂


What small moments like this have you been a part of this year with your kids and family?

The Insecurity Of The My Way Or The Highway Leader

The management or leadership style of “My Way Or The Highway” is dead.  This is a strategy that apparently worked back in the day of make this widget and make it this way. Today, we live in a much more fluid world with bright, hyper-educated and hyper-connected people.

Everyone has an opinion and often times people have thoughts, ideas and suggestions that can be helpful to those that are in charge. My Way Or The Highway is fueled by insecurity, the insecurity of thinking that someone else may have a better way. Not only the insecurity of a better way, it’s fueled from the insecurity that someone else may have another way.

My Way Or The Highway Is Dead. Leaders, it’s paramount that you listen to your people, involve your people, learn from your people and embrace the reality that the collective sum is much better than the single input of the Big-Headed MyWay Or The Highway Leader.

My Way Or The Highway Is Dead and if that’s how you roll… You’re dying!

Share your thoughts or experience with My Way Or The Highway people.

10 Signs It May Be Time To Move On!

Often times people are assessing their jobs, roles, calling, family, life… by asking themselves the following question over and over: “Should I stay or should I go, Should I stay or should I go?” This is a such a great question and the more often we can come to a timely and right answer to that question, the better off we will be.

“Moving On” doesn’t only apply to your job or work, but also relationships and other commitments. This is a constant tension for entrepreneurs, working moms, over-working dads and the list goes on and on. Below I have outlined what I consider to be 10 Signs or Reasons It May Be Time To Move On.


  • 1. You get an upset stomach every morning on your way to work.
  • 2. At-least once a week you think the following thoughts “If so and so does (_blank__) again today I’m going to quit.”
  • 3. You’ve asked God for signs that it’s time to move on and HE has spoken to you through people, places, circumstances, His Word… in other-words you’ve heard its time to move on from God in every way besides hearing His audible voice.
  • 4. You can’t find anyone within a square mile radius of your job that you like, trust or believe in.
  • 5. Your boss has said to you “It may be time for you to move on!”
  • 6. You are 100% certain that you could have a bigger impact, be happier, put your family in a better situation etc. by moving on and the only thing that’s holding you back is fear or that un-almighty-dollar.
  • 7. You tell yourself, your spouse and your friends on a regular basis that it’s time to move on and they agree.
  • 8. When you hear the phrase “Dim The Lights” or see an American Idol Contestant sent home, you begin envision greener pastures for yourself. You then draw parallels to yourself being in the Top 10 and imagine how being kicked out of your workplace will be better for you.
  • 9. March Madness is the terminology that you use to describe your workplace during the month of March. You also think of the Final Four as being a countdown to the number of days before you put in your two week notice.
  • 10. You’ve read through the 9 signs above and said to yourself “That’s the confirmation that I needed.”

Life brings us many seasons and we have to be prepared for each and every one of them. There is always a “Time To Stay” and a “Time To Go.” Many people are absolutely supposed to stay exactly where they are; however there is a percent who should definitely Go.

“Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that’s more productive.” ~Donald Trump

Whatever decision you make, don’t merely make it on emotions alone. Seek wise counsel and make it a family decision. Don’t be the miserable person sitting around saying “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda but never Dida!”

Shh, be quiet & listen to God’s Whispers. “Move On!”

Share your stories, perspective & thoughts on moving on.  What are other signs that it may be time to move on?

These 3 Words!

These 3 Words above are all that I have today, tomorrow and yesterday.


10 Ways To Make Leadership Simple

Although there are thousands of leadership books, millions of leadership gurus, leadership isn’t something you can simply read about… you have to do it. So many people talk a great leadership theory however their application is flawed and that’s primarily because they try to make it so difficult. Leadership is not rocket science, it’s a simple science.

Leadership is just like swimming — you can’t just read about swimming, you have to get in the water, kick your feet and stroke your arms. Leadership is the exact same way, you have to get in the leadership waters, kick your feet and stroke your arms. If you wan’t to be good at it, technique does matter. You have a continuum from dog paddlers to Olympic swimmers.

Leadership Is Simple and boils down to these 10 Simple Things:

  • Believe In Yourself
  • Believe In Others
  • Point The Direction
  • Understand That Team Matters
  • Create an Environment For Growth and Develop Others
  • Take Some Risks
  • Truly Care About Others
  • Inspire and Motivate Others
  • Move People From Where They Are To Where They Need To Be
  • dream BIG. think BIGGER.

Often times managers make leadership more difficult than it has to be. Leadership is about influence and relationships.  Leadership Is Simple.

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu says it this way, “When the effective leader is finished with his work, the people say it happened naturally.” Simply put, it was simple.

Is leadership that simple?  Share your thoughts and experiences with leadership being made more difficult than it had to be.

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