The Ripple Effect

I remember when I was a young child I used to enjoy throwing rocks in a pond near my home and I was always amazed at how that one little rock could send ripples throughout this huge body of water. As I’ve gotten older I’ve seen the ripple effect of good/bad decisions, good/bad coaches, good/bad investments, good/bad leaders and the list goes on and on. The ripple effect is all around us and some ripples are larger than others. Let’s take a look at a ripple.

The Setting: The middle of the vast open-land in Tanzania where the Maasai Tribe resides. Small home/hut made of mud, leaves, vines and trees. Imagine the most national geographic, late night infomercial w/ flies buzzing around image that you can conjure up.

The Story: 14 year-old Saruni (shown standing in the door of his home… mother to the right) who stands 6’1” becomes a part of compassion child development project TZ-505 and gets a sponsor. He walks several miles each way to school and attends both church and school at the same place the compassion project is located. Saruni grows in his understanding of the Lord and gives his life to Christ. He influences his sisters by his change and they become Christians as well. Mom eventually becomes a Christian and the father is the only non-Christian in the immediate family.

The Ripple Effect: Saruni becomes a part of Compassion International; a sponsor invests 5 quarters a day into his family, education and life. Saruni becomes a Christian and the Ripple Effect is Saruni’s entire family with the exception of his father will spend life on the other side of this earth with Sweet Jesus. Saruni’s mother’s #1 prayer is for her husband’s salvation and for him to one day become a Christian.

Saruni’s “dream Big think Bigger” mindset is to one day become a Doctor and to positively impact his country. The Ripple Effect of someone just like you and I investing 5 quarters a day into the life of a Tanzanian Child, A Tanzanian Family, A Tanzanian Community, a Tanzanian Tribe and The Kingdom of God is farther reaching than we know.

We will all make some kind of ripples… The type of ripples you make in your life, your family, your community and the lives of others are all based upon your decisions. Choose Wisely!

Throw 5 quarters a day in the pond of life, by choosing to sponsor a child from Tanzania and the Ripple Effect will go to the edge of the pond and beyond.

Share your thoughts on The Ripple Effect and the lasting impact of decisions.

  • crazy how me and him are almost the same age yet live such different lives. thanks for sharing, you’re posts this week have been so great! 🙂

  • LOVE the stories and pictures that have come out of this trip! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Man, I felt connected to you throughout your time in Africa. I prayed everyday. Yeah, maybe because – in part – I have a compassion kid in Tanzania (and I’m a compassion blogger) but MORE because of your heart for the needy. I love that about you. 

    One day, you and I will sit down and talk about life, pray for the world (and each other) and plan something eternal. I believe this.

    Until then! Press on! I’m praying and cheering from Detroit!

  • lindal410

    I am so grateful to those of you who have shared your experiences with me. I have learned so much. You have inspired me to take a fifth young person- 19 and in Kenya. I’ve called Compassion and volunteered to write letters for those sponsors who are unable to do this. I’ve e-mailed my friends to tell about my new “Mother’s Day”  initiatitive.
    Thank you for reminding me to pray not only for the families and children but for those who work to serve them and God.

  • Teena Price

    thought provoking. Yes… just 5 quarters. 

    thanks for sharing… 

  • I enjoyed the trip vicariously through you!  Tanzania, “the beautiful land,” is my favorite place on earth.  The Ripple effect you describe is real and you can see the impact surrounding every Compassion project in TZ.   People always say “It takes a village to raise a child,” but what it really takes is the church, which is why I love Compassion so much.  The village can just as easily teach a child to hate their neighbor, rather than love him (re: Rwandan genocide), but the church, coming alongside families to raise their children, can change the world.  Blessings!

  • Anonymous

    So thankful for your words here, friend. I have really been further led and humbled by the posts that come out of you on the trip to Tanzania. Thank you for that grace, through Christ….

  • I remember when I was a young child I used to enjoy throwing rocks in a pond near my home.

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