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Be Careful What You Tweet – The Twitter GAP Method

There is amazing power in the 140 character micro-blog posts that we have come to know as tweets. These tweets have demonstrated the power to get people hired, fired, book deals, 5-min. of fame, caught cheating, NFL players fined, job offers cancelled with a “Thanks but No Thanks!” and countless other negative and positive outcomes. More often than not, these negative outcomes were outside the purview of the Twitter user’s original intent.

IMHO there should be some thought that goes into each and every tweet, because once you hit post, those tweets find themselves in the Twitterworld forever. The delete option for your tweets is almost as comical as the rescinding of an e-mail — it doesn’t work.  Everyone knows as soon as you get the email stating that “so and so would like to rescind it” you click the open/read button ASAP. The moral of the story… Be Careful What You Tweet.

Anyone can do anything with your tweets and even without your permission. I see tweets all the time that fall into the category of what I call questionable. I imagine that most of these people wouldn’t want their mother, pastor, boss or children reading some of their tweets.

A great solution is for everyone to have a personal internal tweet filter, that aligns with who they are. Personally, my filter is simply asking this question: “Is what I’m about to tweet disrespectful to God, My Family or My Role as a Pastor and Leader?”

Over the years I have found my tweets on digital billboards, on front page stories of newspapers, in the sports section of newspapers, in magazine articles, featured in blogposts, in books and the list goes on and on. The crazy thing is some of the tweets that were featured had been sent up to a year before the book was released, a month before the article was featured and some were featured online the same day.

The universal tweet filter method that I recommend to my clients and anyone using twitter is what I have deemed as the GAP Method™. The GAP Method doesn’t mean put on GAP clothing before you tweet, but rather ask this question: “Is my tweet Genuine, Accurate and Positive?

  • Genuine – Possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality or origin; not counterfeit; authentic; real. Does this tweet or RT cut the mustard as being genuine?
  • Accurate – Free from error or defect; consistent with a standard, rule or model, precise; exact. (This gets people in trouble, fined, fired and everything else. Just last week people were tweeting that Michael Jordan was in the hospital due to a heart attack. As much as I would have liked to share some breaking news, I checked the story’s accuracy and couldn’t legitimize it… so I didn’t share it. It was a fake.) Does this tweet or RT cut the mustard as being accurate?
  • Positive – Characterized by or expressing certainty or affirmation: a positive answer or benefit; tending to emphasize what is good or laudable; constructive; tending towards progress. (This doesn’t mean that you can’t be contrary, opinionated, stern, direct and a matter of fact; it simply means you are leaning towards a good positive result. This one is more of the “Golden Rule” of the three.) Does this tweet or RT cut the mustard as being positive?

The bottom line is Be Careful What Tweet, it may end up on the front page of a newspaper, fired, under investigation or worse. It could lead to death, here is a story of how a persons Twitter Message Led to Murder.

Be Careful What You Tweet!

P.S. The Library of Congress archives all of your tweets.

Do you think about the repercussions of what you say online?  Should your tweets be fair game?  Do you use any sort of mental filter before you tweet?

Potential For Greatness

I have been up early hanging out at my hotel in Dallas, TX as a part of my morning 3-B Time (Bible, Books and Blogs.) I’m here for the Echo Conference, a conference for Artists, Geeks and Storytellers. I just glanced out of my 15th floor hotel room window to see lots lights, some cars, dark space, the sky and lots of potential.

Some people are headed to work, some are headed to a meeting, many are sleeping, some are traveling, many are dreaming… no matter what they are doing, within them resides the potential for greatness. Potential is somewhat neutral, it’s what you do with that potential that matters.

“Greatness is inside of you” is not some random quote or saying… it’s truth. You have potential for greatness, it’s time that you reach your God potential.

“Forget about likes and dislikes. They are of no consequence. Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness but it is greatness.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Potential Unrealized Is Just Potential.

3 Easy Steps To Reach Your Goals

This Is Why So Few People Reach Their Dreams

Why do so few people reach their dreams? The short and simple answer is they never truly get started in the process of going after them. You have to put your dreams into action, you have to do something, write something, buy something, think something, try something and make something happen.

So many people have dreams, visions, ideas and thoughts inside their head and heart; however they will never take the first step of making those dreams a reality. Around here I like to say “dream BIG, think BIGGER.” Thinking is the action step on the road to making your dreams a reality.

“Don’t just chase your dream… Go catch your dream!” ~RGIII

A dream left unattempted is nothing more than a nightmare. A nightmare that will torment you until you do something about it. Go catch your dream.

Why do so few people reach their dreams? Share your thoughts.

You Will Never Be Ready…

Oftentimes people wait until they are “ready” to take that leap, risk, opportunity, chance or step. The problem with this approach is they will never be “ready” therefore they will never get started. If you look at “ready” as a destination, I repeat – “You Will Never Be Ready!” If you begin to look at “ready” as a state of willingness, you will stand “ready.”

If you remain willing, you will remain ready.

#1 Thing You Shouldn’t Do With Your Luggage If It Doesn’t Have Wheels

I was strolling the ATL airport a little earlier and this caught my attention… I had to shoot a quick video.

Wow! @ScottWilliams and @JawnMurray are Look Alikes

Let me start off by saying I don’t generally buy into the look alike thing; especially when it comes to me. I’ve had people tell me I look like every one from Heavy-D to Will Smith. (seriously lol) In the last several months I have had around 10 people either mistake me for, or ask me if I was Jawn Murray @JawnMurray.

The 1st time it happened was in the TBN green room in Atlanta and Pastor @edeweysmith came up to me, called me Jawn and began to have a conversation with me, before he recognized that I wasn’t him. Since then, the Jawn Murray gaffe’s have become more prevalent. This week alone, I had a guy stop me at the Detroit airport ask me was I Jawn Murray, a lady walk up to me and ask me was I Jawn Murray and yesterday at the Maximizing Your Ministry Conference in Atlanta I had two people think I was Jawn Murray.

I have joked with Jawn about all of the recent sightings, his response to me on twitter yesterday was this: “that’s hilarious man! Send me some of your sermon notes in case you ever need to “double book” yourself! Lol”  

I’m posing the question to you guys and gals. Check the pic above (I snatched from his website) and let me know what you think. Do You Think Jawn Murray and I look alike? You should check out Jawn’s site, he’s kind of a Big-Deal Entertainment, Lifestyle Reporter and Pop-Culture Connoisseur. Have you had any personal look alike experiences? If so, share them.

10 Reasons You Need To Be Doing The Work You Love

Lists, Lists, Lists… I really don’t really care for list posts; however they are easy to follow, easy to digest and easy to remember. That’s why I keep writing them and you keep reading them all across the interwebs. The reality is maybe I really do like list posts – who knows?

There is one thing that I do like and that’s doing the work I love and you should to. I love spending time with family, sharing the Gospel, strategizing, connecting, thinking, dreaming, leading, challenging and helping others win.

10 Reasons You Need To Be Doing What You Love

  • 1. It’s what you love… duh.
  • 2. Life is too short to be wasting time doing work that you don’t even like.
  • 3. If you are sharp enough to rise to a leadership role for an organization you are not particularly fond of, you’re definitely sharp enough to successfully do something you love.
  • 4. It’s easier to wake up in the morning, when you’re waking up to do what you love.
  • 5. You are consistently motivated by an inner desire to do what you love and the success of it all is simply a nice bonus.
  • 6. Your dreams can be centered around what you love instead of dreaming about how to get out of a situation that you don’t like.
  • 7. You only live once on this earth. ((repeat))
  • 8. If you find yourself in what you perceive as mediocre work situation – you don’t have much to loose, pursue the work you love.
  • 9. If you don’t feel that you can leave the financial security, ask yourself “Will the money be the most important piece of my life puzzle 5-10-15 years from now?” Better yet talk to someone in the “Car Business” that chased the dollar their entire life.
  • 10. There is a reason something you love is burning deep down inside of you – it’s because it’s what you were created to do.

There are some great lyrics and encouragement for those contemplating, desiring or thinking about pursuing the work they love found in hip hop artist Emimen’s song “Lose Yourself.”

“Lose Yourself”

If you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

You can do anything you set your mind to. ~Eminem

Maybe it’s time that you “Lose Yourself” or better yet, it’s time that you find yourself, it’s time that you do what you love and love what you do.

Why are people so scared or unwilling to do the work they love? Share your thoughts and experiences on this subject and these 10 reasons.

Why Do I Fear?

Why Do I Fear?

I was told that HE did not give me the spirit of fear,

But it seems like every time I turn around fear is whispering in my ear,

You can’t do this and you can’t do that.

Having no regard for the affects of these negative meditations,

The reality is they are filling me with more and more hesitation,

Don’t try this and don’t try that.

I was told that I can do all things through HE who strengthens me,

But I seem to be debilitated by those around me telling me what I can’t be,

You won’t be this and you won’t be that.

Why do I fear?

I fear because I don’t believe in me.

I fear because I don’t trust HE!


Failing Does Not = Failure

Failure is defined as – an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success. That definition is clear, however it’s not about whether or not you fail, but rather how you handle the failures.  If you name anyone who has done great things, you will find a failure resume and an understanding of how to fail.

Often times people on the outside looking in at successful people assume the success was achieved with ease, good luck and on the first try. That is rarely the case, it’s usually the result of people who know how to fail.  A couple of well known examples include: Walt Disney and Abraham Lincoln.  Both knew how to fail and experienced failures that would cause most people to close up shop and begin playing it safe.

Some of Walt Disney’s Failures and setbacks included:

  • Multiple bankruptcies.
  • Being told no for years as he tried to build a Theme Park.
  • Being laughed at when introducing a talking mouse cartoon to studio executives.

Walt Disney took those failures in stride, didn’t care what people thought and learned how to fail.  The result is one of the most successful stories in American History.  As a matter of fact, I just received an offer from Disney World in the the mail as a former guest of the amazing theme part that naysayers said wouldn’t work.

A relatively long list of Abraham Lincoln’s Failures and setbacks included:

  • 1831 – He lost his job.
  • 1832 – He was defeated in a run for Illinois State Legislature.
  • 1833 – He failed in business.
  • 1835 – His sweetheart died.
  • 1836 – He had nervous breakdown.
  • 1838 – He was defeated in run for Illinois House Speaker.
  • 1843 – He was defeated in run for nomination for U.S. Congress.
  • 1848 – He lost re-nomination.
  • 1849 – He was rejected for land officer position.
  • 1854 – He was defeated in run for U.S. Senate.
  • 1856 – He was defeated in run for nomination for Vice President.
  • 1858 – Again he was defeated in run for U.S. Senate.

Abraham Lincoln took these failures in stride and learned along the way.  He learned to follow his dreams and not being limited by his failures and setbacks.  Lincoln learned to dream BIG. think BIGGER.

In 1860 Lincoln was Elected President and will main one of our nations most successful Presidents.  We must learn how to fail by focusing on our dreams, learning from our mistakes, not being crippled by the naysayers and being willing to take risks.

Risks + Failure ÷ Dreams = Success

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” ~Michael Jordan

Are you learning how to fail?  Share your thoughts.

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