Wow! @ScottWilliams and @JawnMurray are Look Alikes

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Let me start off by saying I don’t generally buy into the look alike thing; especially when it comes to me. I’ve had people tell me I look like every one from Heavy-D to Will Smith. (seriously lol) In the last several months I have had around 10 people either mistake me for, or ask me if I was Jawn Murray @JawnMurray.

The 1st time it happened was in the TBN green room in Atlanta and Pastor @edeweysmith came up to me, called me Jawn and began to have a conversation with me, before he recognized that I wasn’t him. Since then, the Jawn Murray gaffe’s have become more prevalent. This week alone, I had a guy stop me at the Detroit airport ask me was I Jawn Murray, a lady walk up to me and ask me was I Jawn Murray and yesterday at the Maximizing Your Ministry Conference in Atlanta I had two people think I was Jawn Murray.

I have joked with Jawn about all of the recent sightings, his response to me on twitter yesterday was this: “that’s hilarious man! Send me some of your sermon notes in case you ever need to “double book” yourself! Lol”  

I’m posing the question to you guys and gals. Check the pic above (I snatched from his website) and let me know what you think. Do You Think Jawn Murray and I look alike? You should check out Jawn’s site, he’s kind of a Big-Deal Entertainment, Lifestyle Reporter and Pop-Culture Connoisseur. Have you had any personal look alike experiences? If so, share them.

  • Wow!  This is amazing.  I’ve told people they look like or remind me of someone, but I have never seen look alikes this close.  I can see why people would actually start having a conversation with you without asking if you are actually Jawn Murray first.

  • the last several months I have had around 10 people either mistake me for, or ask me if I was Jawn Murray 

  • Wow…he does look a lot like you. Or do you look like him?

  • That is insane bro, you are right….too similar…will you make any changes now? 

  • Ldybrown2122

    OMG this is amazing!!! I say send the sermons

  • Wow…that is scary Scott.  I usually don’t buy into the “look-a-like” thing either, but this right here…if I saw Jawn in person I would believe he was you!  Would probably introduce myself…

    Me: “Hi Scott…you may not recognize me, My name is Jackie Bledsoe, Jr…I subscribe to and follow you on Twitter. I have learned so much from you.  Babe (talking to my wife), this is Scott Williams…huge online influencer.”

    Jawn: “Uhh…nice to meet you too bro, but my name is Jawn.”


    I have never had any experiences like that.  Although a friend of my mother-in-law said I look like Creflo Dollar! I disagreed! lol

  • I bear a striking resemblance to Kevin James.

  • Yes, there is a striking resemblance between the two of you, especially if you smile as you did in the picture you posted here.  I am sure I would be able to tell you apart though b/c I know Jawn and he has a bit more facial hair, his smile is slightly different from yours and has always looked like he has dimples.

    My favorite look alike story is that when I go to the cleaners, the clerks put a friend’s name on my ticket b/c they think I look so much like her.  Even one of her grandchildren said “Hi, Grandma” to me when I walked past him in a restaurant when we went out to eat after a church service.  While we look like we could be related, I cannot see people confusing us b/c she wears glasses, I don’t – and she has a gap, I don’t.  That look-alike thing is an interesting phenomenon.

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