11 Ways To Promote Your Twitter Handle

The days of thinking Twitter is a fad are long gone. Twitter is definitely here to stay and the fact that you can’t turn on the television, radio, or go online without seeing a Twitter handle being promoted is added conformation.

Your Twitter handle is more important than your Facebook address and sometimes more important than your website. That’s why you see all of the local and national radio, news and television personalities promote their twitter handle. It’s a “Big Deal” for individuals and businesses. As a matter of fact more Global Fortune 100 Companies use Twitter than Facebook. Twitter is easy, engaging, allows opportunities to connect, reveals personality and it just matters.

I say promote your Twitter handle anywhere and everywhere it makes sense:

  • On your website
  • On your book
  • Verbally in introduction before you speak
  • On your YouTube videos
  • On your business cards, letterhead and stationery
  • On your receipts
  • On your bags (businesses that issue shopping bags to customers)
  • On your name tag at a conference or social
  • In your bio.
  • Email signature
  • Anywhere and everywhere your real name shows up in front of groups of people: lower-thirds, powerpoint, keynote…

This list of how you can promote your Twitter handle is endless. It’s important to realize that Twitter gives people the opportunity to see snippets of how you or your business engage with the world, prior to them making a decision of whether or not to engage with you.

Over three years ago, I had written a very popular post for TwiTip.com on how you should choose your Twitter handle, why you should use your real name and why it matters. Although I had written the post several years ago, it’s still applicable today. Check it out – 10 Reasons To Use Use Your Real Name As Your Twitter @Name.

What are some creative ways that you’ve seen people or businesses promote their Twitter handle? How do you promote yours? Add to the list!

  • On receipts Is an intresting concept that I have never thout about. This would allow customers away to easily give you feedback on the products they just purchased.

  • The Tweetest Things

    Great ideas, Scott. The ways you can promote your handle truly are endless. In fact, we’ve got a couple of more over at The Tweetest Things.

  • Writing comments could be another way, such as right now 🙂

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