What’s Up With The Shoes?

Shoes can tell you a lot about a person. Shoes are the one clothing item, the one accessory, the one thing you wear that have a unique personality. I pay attention to shoes and when I used to wear dress shoes all of the time, I’d even notice a great shoe shine.

I happen to have a wife that likes shoes; all styles of shoes, all types of shoes and each and every pair have a unique personality. If there is a clothing item or accessory that I will get a compliment on, its always shoes first and then watch second. People simply notice shoes.

I’m on a flight as I’m typing this and I’m at all of the shoes around me, all of them speak to the unique personality of the individuals wearing them. There is a young teenage girl with some red Beats by Dre headphones on and she has on “slides” that’s what the youngsters call flip-flop type shoes that don’t go through the toes. The guy to my left has on some black and blue Vanns. The girl to my sight has on some metallic looking Sperry loafers. The crying, singing, yelling child behind me has on some light up Spiderman shoes. The really tall slender model looking lady in front of me has on some really tall yellow high heels. This older guy just behind me has on some black Johnson and Murphy’s. The guy a couple rows up has on some Nike Free’s; additionally there are flip flops and sandals throughout the airplane. Oh and I’m wearing my comfy, traveling Diesel slide on canvas shoes.

Shoes really do say something about and individual and their uniqueness. They speak to where you’re from, where you’re at and where you’re going.

Is it just me or do you think the same thing?

What’s up with the shoes?

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