Pastors, Leaders, People… Stop Having Affairs!

It truly breaks my heart every time that I hear about people having affairs; especially those who have been entrusted with a leadership role.  It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about the President, Politicians, Teachers, Pastors, Coaches, Worship Leaders, Sports Superstars…  These individuals who have been blessed and entrusted with the responsibility of leadership influence should hold that influence tightly, lightly and responsibly all at the same time.

Honestly, as a pastor this selfish cheating mess is probably one of the most frustrating/irritating areas to counsel people through; especially when the individuals don’t seem to understand the impact of their selfish actions. Not only do they not realize the impact, but they would have probably continued if they hadn’t gotten caught. This tragedy can also be one of the most rewarding areas to celebrate/praise on the other side, through total repentance and legitimate restoration.

I know people may say Scott you are naive and it can happen to anybody, but I say this with all the humility I can muster up “IT DOESN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ANYBODY!” I read through 1 Corinthians 6 again today and I don’t care what version I read, The Message, New Century or NIV, they all communicated the same thing.  Run, Flee, Your Body Is A Temple, You Were Bought By God For a Price. As Christ Followers and especially as Christian Leaders; we don’t get to pick and choose how we act. We are held to a higher standard and if we can really do all things through Christ who gives us strength; I have to believe that “all things” encompasses honoring our covenant vows before God and to our spouse.

None of us are perfect, we all sin, we all fall short, we all know right from wrong and I would argue that even a non-believer understands that they are not supposed to cheat on their spouse. Marriage is serious, Treat It As Such!

A word to Pastors, Leaders or anyone else who is cheating, flirting or going down that road: Stop, Flee, Run and Pray.  Proverbs 5:5 talks about the adulteress woman this way, “She’s dancing down the primrose path to Death; she’s headed straight for Hell and taking you with her.” So many end up on the primrose path and don;t even realize how they got there. You can’t get there, if you don’t go near there.

Satan doesn’t have any power over you, only the power to deceive.  If you’re choosing to go down this road of deception, ultimately Satan is Playing you like a drum and Pimpin’ you like a prostitute!

Pastors, Leaders, People…  Stop Having Affairs!  Thank You!

  • Charles e Whisnant

    Monthy it seems a pastor falls into this sin.

  • Laurie Jayne

    Amen! I am so sad and angry when my brothers and sisters don’t safe guard their marriages. Many people say they have accountability but what they really need is transparency with those people who hold them accountable.

  • Pastor Felix R. Bobo Sr.

    I love this. I have been Married for 30 years and never once have I or my wife cheated on each other. The temptation may always be there but it is your choice to submit to tempation. The Devil can’t make you do anything. Avoid situations that will open the door to yielding to temptations. Remember it’s a choice! What will you do?

  • Ikhife

    Right on point Scott; some people give USELESS excuses, like “it was the devil’s work” and “I didn’t know when it happened”.
    I really believe like you mentioned that it doesn’t have to happen to anybody; it happened because the person(leader) in question, allowed his selfish(fleshy) desires to lead him.
    A scripture for/to guide EVERY BELIEVER (& LEADER ALIKE), is Romans 8:14.

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