A Place Where Young Boys Are Raised To Be Young Men

In my world, the barbershop affectionately known as “The Black Barbershop” is not just a place you go to receive a haircut – it’s a place that you get information, culture, talk about hot-button issues and a place the word of God is preached. The barbershop is also a place where young boys are raised up to be young men. It’s also where elderly men pour their gray-haired wisdom into the next generation.

I take my boys to the barbershop each and every week… I have done this since each of their 1st birthdays. It’s an experience, it’s what we do, it’s where teachable moments occur and one of the places that I raise my young boys to be young men.

Yesterday, my brother-in-law passed away at the very young age of 52 years old. He lost a quick battle with cancer. He was a great man of God, loved the Lord and is with Jesus right now. He leaves behind my sister, my 16 year old nephew and my 14 year old niece.

I flew into Houston last night to spend some time with my family, before they head to Wichita for the funeral. As my sister continues to make service arrangements, I’m going to take my nephew to the barbershop this morning here in Houston. This is something that he and his father “Donnie McKnight” (RIP) would do on a regular basis as well. The barbershop is one of the places where young boys are raised up into young men.

As I made plans for the barbershop I was informed that the barber here in Houston viewed my brother-in-law as a mentor and a father figure. Remember the barbershop is a place where young boys are raised up to be young men.

Everyone raises young boys to be young men in different ways, shapes forms and fashions. In my world one of those places is the barbershop. I need to finish this post, so I can take my nephew to the barbershop.

What unique places and ways have you seen young boys be raised up to me young men? 

  • Paul Evans

    I am sorry to hear of Donnie’s passing. He was a true Christian mentor and a man of integrity. Worked with him at Kerr-McGee Corporation and valued his friendship and always appreciated his wonderful outlook on life.

    • ScottWilliams

      Paul, thanks for the kind words. So many people say that exact thing about Donnie.

  • Kevin

    As a foster – soon to be adoptive – dad of two African American kids, I’ve been learning more about this. I look forward to finding a good barber for my new son. Thanks for the reminder, Scott.

  • triprolo

    Every Saturday, my father would take me on a long drive in the country on the dirt roads. We would stop at a little country store with wooden floors and stil had a pot belly stove to heat the place. We would grab a coke and a candy bar and talk a while with the old men. Then we would head out where we might end up at a creek and throw rocks at our finished coke bottles until mid-afternoon.

    Those drives and that store has made me who I am today and have already started this tradition with my two year old.

  • Dave

    sorry to hear about your brother in law bro…praying for you all…you irish spanish brother in Tampa…

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