Top 10 Most Read Books In The World

Top 10 Most Read Books in the World

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How many of this list of 10 books have you read? Do you plan on reading any? Any surprises on the list?

  • The ideas in “Think and Grow Rich” seem to have as much influence as the Bible on some factions of contemporary evangelicalism. I’ve read both.

  • Didn’t know The Alchemist was this far up. Well then I’ve read 1 full (The Alchemist) and 2 partials (The Bible and Harry Potter)

  • Amzil

    That is just WRONG and IMPOSSIBLE
    there are 1,6 Billion Muslims on earth, and 99% read the Holly Quran
    which makes Quran the most read book in the world and of ALL TIME
    just because more than 70% of christians DO NOT READ The holly BIBLE !

    • Cassie

      The holy bible is the most bought book in the world. Not necessarily the most read like this says, but it definetley should be. Humans have moved away from Christ. And by the way there are more than 2.8 billion Christians in the world…

      • Uğur Durmuş

        So why Quran is not even in top 10? Even one single mosque has more than 50 Quran. How many mosque we got in entire world? In a single Muslim house at least 2 or 3 Quran or you can find more. Now you may do the math.

        Now let me answer my own question; because they know you’ll be Muslim right after you finish reading and it is bad for them. And because less is more. With less knowledge, they can control more people.

  • Suzy

    I’ve read 8 of them. I was surprised that Quran wasn’t there, and surprised that Think and Grow Rich is.

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