How To Turn Your Marriage Around In 10 Days

My friend Pastor Phillip Wagner is releasing a new book for relationships. The title says it all, “How To Turn Your Marriage Around In 10 Days.” Phillip is the Sr. Pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles. Phillip and his wife Holly are known around the world for their work with couples and relationships.  With a 27 year marriage with Holly under his belt, Pastor Phillip says initially he thought he was immune to the ups and downs of a regular marriage—his marriage was going to be different.  After realizing every marriage takes works, he decided to create a simple guide with 10 easy steps for frustrated or lifeless marriages to follow to turn their relationships around.

According to psychologist Kevin Lehman, the average marriage in America lasts seven years.  This is one of the reasons Phillip realized every marriage needs work, and every spouse has to be prepared to roll up their sleeves to make it better.  With 10 daily steps outlined in chapters, Wagner will walk you through the details of Priorities, Honor, Admiration, Trust, Forgiveness, Change, Connection, Needs, Play and Dreams.

Phillip believes at the end of the 10 day phase, you could have turned your marriage around, or at the very least, be on the right path toward a thriving marriage.  The essence of the book is not a magic pill, but rather a blueprint for couples to embrace and implement real change.

To learn more about How to Turn Your Marriage Around in 10 Days and hear thoughts from Phillip, visit, like him on Facebook or follow him on twitter @philipwagnerLA.

Check out the book trailer below to hear Phillip’s snapshot of his new book “How To Turn Your Relationship Around In 10 Days.” The book releases on October 28th and I will be doing a promo the day after the release. If you would like a chance to win a signed copy, simply retweet my tweet from @scottwilliams in case you didn’t know: Learn How To Turn Your Marriage Around In 10 Days  – a new book from @PhilipWagnerLA #Turnitin10

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