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Mark’s Birthday – A Powerful Christmas Story

Watch this, marinate on it and share your thoughts.

Go Big – Take Your Life From Ordinary To Extraordinary Book Trailer

Here is the book trailer for my new book: “Go Big – Take Your Life For Ordinary To Extraordinary.”  It’s not supposed to be released until December 3rd; however we have been selling bulk orders to churches. The book is basically a workbook/training manual if you will. There are 7 short Chapters with a workbook section at the end of each chapter. It’s a great small group resource or a personal resource to help you have a successful 2013.

Click this link to pick up a copy. If you would like discounted rates for bulk orders, give me a shout.

The official site will be up and live Mon. December 3rd.

Letting Leaders Run Their Race

I have been in a number of conversations with friends, colleagues and clients where the topic of discussion has been the inability or freedom to lead. I just recently had a conversation with a Senior Leader of a very large organization about this very problem. (could be a church, non-profit or business) I’ll let your imagination fill-in that blank.

This guy is a strong, gifted, visionary leader who is being hamstrung by his governing body. Not only is the this crippling him, it’s setting their organization back years.

Just like the famous triple crown horse Secretariat needed to be freed up to run, not only run, but run the race that only he could run. That’s the same situation for leaders being held back in organizations around the country. Leaders want to be free, they want to run and they want to lead.

Organizations and organizational leaders have an opportunity and responsibility to free up their race horses to run and to lead. These races must be within the boundaries of the established organization; however it should be encouraged that they push those boundaries to the limit.

The potential for greatness exists at all levels throughout most organizations and a major hindrance is control and an unwillingness to let the horses run their race. Leaders are looking for a License To Lead and the ability to Run Their Race.

The famous quote from the movie Secretariat are this, “Let him run his race.”

Please let your race horses run their race!

Author and Financial Guru Dave Ramsey says it this way, “Hire thoroughbreds and let them run their race… thoroughbreds will run off the donkeys, because thoroughbreds don’t run with donkeys.”

Share your thoughts and experiences with race horses being allowed to run their race or race horses being held back at the starting line.

Brand New Leadership App

Have you heard about the Brand New Leadership App? It’s probably the coolest iPhone/Android App yet. You simply download the app on your mobile device and it ensures that you don’t have to:

  • develop your employees
  • spend time with your employees
  • truly care about your employees
  • listen to your employees
  • take your employees ideas into consideration
  • know anything about your employees outside of work
  • help your employees reach their goals and dreams
  • encourage your employees
  • give your employees credit where credit is due
  • ever admit when you are wrong

The truth is this… there is no such app and if you are looking for such an app or you are unwilling to do any of the above; there is a extremely high probability you are not a good leader. There is no app or shortcut to great leadership. You have to take time, care about your team, develop them, encourage them, listen to them, help them reach their goals… you are the Chief Development Officer.

“My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too.” — Jack Welch

Leadership – there is not an app for that.

Do you feel like more an more leaders are looking for leadership shortcuts and don’t want to take the time to develop  their team and truly lead? Share your thoughts and experiences.

Black Friday – Don’t Buy “The Gift of No”

It’s Black Friday and the madness has already begun. As a matter of fact, Black Friday kicked off late Thursday for many retail spots. (Yes, Black Friday on Thursday) This year’s Black Friday shopping and purchasing of gifts reminded me of the importance of “The Gift Of No.”

Do you have the gift of no? I am not talking about the ability to say “No” when it’s absolutely necessary; I’m talking about this poorly wrapped re-gift that has you saying “No” for no other reason than your own convenience. You know what I’m talking about, when your kids ask you if they can do something and you just say “No!” Most of the time there is not a rational reason for you saying No, except for the fact that it is convenient and easy.

This is what it looks like in the world of many parents: “Dad can I get a Popsicle?” “No”  “Mom, can I stay the night with Johnny?” “No”  “Dad can I help with that?” “No, your not big enough” Dad will you come see this “No, in a minute” and the list goes on and on.

Research shows that 77% of everything we think is negative and counterproductive. Children that grow up in an “average household” hear “No” and are told what they can’t do more than 148,000 times by the time they are 18; and the result is unintentional negative programming.

This Black Friday and every day moving forward, Don’t Buy “The Gift of No” simply because it’s easy, convenient and on sale. When at all possible, give “The Gift of Yes.”

Do you find yourself buying “The Gift of No?” Share your thoughts.

Thanksgiving Is All About “Stressed” Flipped Backwards

Dessert is defined as: A sweet course, treat or dish; served after the main course.

As I was thinking about the holiday season and all of the desserts so many of us are going to consume; I was reminded of how dessert applies to our lives.  It’s the sweet course or treat after life’s main courses. e.g.

  • Main Course- Attending College  Dessert-  Obtaining Degree.
  • Main Course- Becoming A Leader  Dessert- Lessons Learned/Taught & Leaders Developed
  • Main Course- Tithe and give generously  Dessert- The floodgates of blessings
  • Main Course- Struggles of life, darkness, insecurity, sin…  Dessert-  Truth, life, grace and forgiveness through Christ.

It’s essential for us to always be mindful and thankful that even though the “main courses in life” may not always taste great or be our favorite dish, there is always opportunity for dessert. Remember you also have the freedom of choice as it pertains to what you consume, nonetheless always be thankful.  “We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.” ~Harry Ironside

Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t be stressed; instead take stressed and flip it backwards.

The Desserts of Life.

For those that still may not understand the title of this post…  spell stressed backwards. 🙂

Thanksgiving is really not only about the dessert; however it’s sure a nice finality to the time with food, family and friends.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s your favorite dessert?

The Path Of Success

I like to think and doodle while on airplanes…  here is one of my thoughts.

What do you think about the path?

Great Leaders Do This… Poor Leaders Do That

“Great leaders stand out front, point the way, encourage and get out of the way.”

“Poor leaders stand out front, stay out front, discourage and get in the way.”


The Supervisor Lid Principle (SLP)

Have you ever heard the phrase “My Supervisor Is Holding Me Down!” or some variation of it? Most of us have either heard that phrase or uttered it ourselves. The reality is this phrase can definitely be a harsh reality and many times it’s unintentional.

I am a firm believer that an individual’s success within an organization is directly correlated to what their immediate supervisor thinks of them.  In other words, the supervisor can put a lid on, or take the lid off of an individuals success. Ultimately leaving an employee’s success in the hands of the perception/reality of their supervisor.

I call this the Supervisor Lid Principle (SLP) and I have seen it in full effect throughout my various careers and even within sports teams. This principle results in individuals failing, not performing and even faced with termination. These negative effects permeate until they’re placed under the tutelage of another supervisor, whom has a different set of lids or removes the lids altogether.

The most effective way to combat against (SLP) is to merely recognize that it exists. Once you recognize that it exists you can begin to identify methods, strategies and techniques to remove the lids that your supervisor may have either inaccurately or unintentionally placed on you. Overall, the removal of those Supervisor Imposed Lids will inevitably allow you to be more effective and free.

Supervisors need to be aware of the unintentional or inaccurate lids they place on their employees.  Both supervisors and employees need to recognize that (SLP) is real.  Dear Mr. or Mrs Supervisor, if you want an employee to fly, free up their wings or rather remove their lids. If you want your employees to struggle, fail, be tentative, second-guess themselves and not soar… keep putting your unnecessary, narcissistic and limiting lids on your people.

The organizations and supervisors that tend to “Hold Their People Down” must begin asking these questions:  Do I live with an abundance or scarcity mentality? Do I operate by freedom or control?  Am I secure or insecure? The answers to these questions and making the necessary adjustments is key to raising up a pot full of boiling leaders, that nobody can hold down. Let em’ Boil and Let em’ Fly!

“In any organization, you will only be as successful as your supervisor thinks you are or allows you to be.

What Do You Think?

Video :: Dave Ramsey Talks About Leadership and Thoroughbreds

I had the opportunity to interview Dave Ramsey after his leadership talk at RightNow 2012. Dave talked about how to maintain a stable of thoroughbreds. A couple of nice quotes:

Thoroughbreds don’t run with donkeys. They run with other thoroughbreds.

Thoroughbreds make other thoroughbreds better and they run donkeys off.

I love what Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University have done for my finances… the practical nature of his leadership principles from Entreleadership are awesome as well.

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