Jen Hatmaker — RightNow #RN12

Jen Hatmaker – Speaker, Author, Blogger… Austin, TX  @JenHatmaker

Thoughts, observations and quotes.

  • My girl @JenHatmaker just took the stage.
  • Jen Hatmaker is a gifted storyteller and has the audience laughing.
  • Realized their church was Serving the Saved and Blessing the Blessed. (had to change)
  • Failure is a fantastic teacher… I am rich!
  • Consumerism is a cancer to missional community… it will destroy it from the inside out.
  • If we develop a church bent toward serving the saved, blessed people will come to get more blessings.
  • If we are positioned to reach Christians… Christians we will reach.
  • Live It or you have no hope of leading it.
  • Leaders, If we asked people to imitate us, they would spend all day in meetings and preparing sermons.
  • The church right now is losing about 150,000 people per week. Leaving the back door and not returning.
  • .@Jenhatmaker just said “Don’t tweet that Jen Hatmaker said leadership is dead.
  • Heaps of well spoken theology only impresses people that are “in” to that sort of thing.
  • If we commit our lives to the most vulnerable people in our cities, we can say “Follow me, as I follow Jesus.”
  • May God use us in awesome, great, scandalous ways.

Jen was very cool, calm, collected, polished, direct, clear and challenging.

Be bold and give us wisdom to raise up amazing faith communities.

  • I loved her heart and authenticity…great session.

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