Great Leaders Do This… Poor Leaders Do That

“Great leaders stand out front, point the way, encourage and get out of the way.”

“Poor leaders stand out front, stay out front, discourage and get in the way.”


  • I think this is true. Some leaders bear some insecurity about their place as leaders and fear to lose it. They micromanage. They value control over bearing fruit in the lives of others.

  • I think the biggest issue, oftentimes, in the 2nd scenario is that great leaders know when to get out of the way. I think there are a lot of well meaning leaders who may be in the way, but feeling like they are leading the way. Good thoughts.

  • Scott, this happens again & again: Immature leaders who have to do “everything” and micromanage everywhere while talents in the group are frustrated and disengaged! Those leaders keep on doing the same over and over blind to their own limitation but nonetheless meaning so well! Would they just get out of the way!

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