The Path Of Success

I like to think and doodle while on airplanes… ┬áhere is one of my thoughts.

What do you think about the path?

  • Fundamentally I agree with your path to success; however, I personally might choose to word it a bit differently. Such as: Recognize God believes in you, will never forsake you, nor condemn you; therefore believe in Him…Recognize yourself as a child of God, and believe in who He created you to be…Recognize others as children of God, believe in who He created them to be…Pray…Take some risks for God, get out of your comfort zone…Pray…Repeat.

  • I love it. Find it personally empowering since you wrote it on my 41st birthday!

  • The subtle message for me is that success is not a destination. Your path is an infinite loop – just like real life.

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