Brand New Leadership App

Have you heard about the Brand New Leadership App? It’s probably the coolest iPhone/Android App yet. You simply download the app on your mobile device and it ensures that you don’t have to:

  • develop your employees
  • spend time with your employees
  • truly care about your employees
  • listen to your employees
  • take your employees ideas into consideration
  • know anything about your employees outside of work
  • help your employees reach their goals and dreams
  • encourage your employees
  • give your employees credit where credit is due
  • ever admit when you are wrong

The truth is this… there is no such app and if you are looking for such an app or you are unwilling to do any of the above; there is a extremely high probability you are not a good leader. There is no app or shortcut to great leadership. You have to take time, care about your team, develop them, encourage them, listen to them, help them reach their goals… you are the Chief Development Officer.

“My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too.” — Jack Welch

Leadership – there is not an app for that.

Do you feel like more an more leaders are looking for leadership shortcuts and don’t want to take the time to develop  their team and truly lead? Share your thoughts and experiences.

  • BOOM. Great post nor and yes, it seems like the effort to nourish, develop others is a fading trend and in some cases leaders prefer to just hire or acquire talent that was developed somewhere else but we all know at some point, we get new leaders and what happens then? The nourishing and developing never ends in leadership, it’s how succession happens. It must be kept alive.

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