Letting Leaders Run Their Race

I have been in a number of conversations with friends, colleagues and clients where the topic of discussion has been the inability or freedom to lead. I just recently had a conversation with a Senior Leader of a very large organization about this very problem. (could be a church, non-profit or business) I’ll let your imagination fill-in that blank.

This guy is a strong, gifted, visionary leader who is being hamstrung by his governing body. Not only is the this crippling him, it’s setting their organization back years.

Just like the famous triple crown horse Secretariat needed to be freed up to run, not only run, but run the race that only he could run. That’s the same situation for leaders being held back in organizations around the country. Leaders want to be free, they want to run and they want to lead.

Organizations and organizational leaders have an opportunity and responsibility to free up their race horses to run and to lead. These races must be within the boundaries of the established organization; however it should be encouraged that they push those boundaries to the limit.

The potential for greatness exists at all levels throughout most organizations and a major hindrance is control and an unwillingness to let the horses run their race. Leaders are looking for a License To Lead and the ability to Run Their Race.

The famous quote from the movie Secretariat are this, “Let him run his race.”

Please let your race horses run their race!

Author and Financial Guru Dave Ramsey says it this way, “Hire thoroughbreds and let them run their race… thoroughbreds will run off the donkeys, because thoroughbreds don’t run with donkeys.”

Share your thoughts and experiences with race horses being allowed to run their race or race horses being held back at the starting line.

  • Jon Wright

    18 months ago I noticed that our Student Ministries seemed to have hit a ceiling. At the time we had clear lines between Jr high and Sr high. In doing some coaching with the guys I discovered that the Jr high guy loved the preaching/teaching event, the Sr high guy dreaded it. At the same time the Sr. high guy lived for discipleship and leadership development and the Jr high guy struggled. So… I combined the ministries. Now, all students meet together for worship and teaching, Jr high guy is the primary teacher. They break into age/gender based small groups for discipleship. Sr high guy equips and trains group leaders. The number of students has doubled, effectiveness and fulfillment of group leaders is significantly increased. Both guys are “able” to do both aspects but when they were released to “run their race their way” it was a total game-changer. Let ’em run!!!

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