Aloha – 10 Reasons Greetings Matter

It’s been said that “You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.” That’s a very true statement; however you can still make a great 2nd impression if for some reason you botched the 1st one. Impressions matter and 1st impressions really matter.

In that same line of thinking, I have come to understand that “Greetings Really Matter.” When my family and I arrived at the airport in Hawaii yesterday, we were greeted with beautiful fresh flower lei’s. A couple of the pastors from Hope Chapel greeted us with warm “aloha’s” and lei’s as a symbol of love and welcome to Hawaii. Aloha¬†in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, mercy and love. Hawaii has been very welcoming: Hotel, restaurant, people etc.

This really got me thinking about the importance of greetings and how they can make a world of difference. Here are 10 Reasons Greetings Matter

  • If you greet your family when you come home with hugs, kisses and kind words instead of walking through the door with your phone attached to your ear… You will communicate love, warmth and the fact that “they matter.” Greetings Matter.
  • If you greet people with a smile, hello, and how is your day? You may be the only smile they see and the only person to ask how their day is. It’s a simple way to make a difference. Greetings Matter.
  • If you greet people with a firm handshake, you are communicating hello, strength, passion, respect and remember me… Even if you crush their hand, they will remember. You never remember limp handshakes, but you will generally remember the firm one’s. A firm handshake always makes the non firm handshake person get a tighter grip – a subliminal message to say “Step up your game!” ūüôā ¬†Greetings Matter.
  • Greet those you love with “I Love You’s!” Unfortunately we always save the “I Love You’s” as parting words or words of remembrance. Flip it around and greet with I love You! You can still close with another “I Love You!” Greetings Matter.
  • Have an over-the-top greeting. Make your greeting was as memorable as Chick-fil-A’s “My Pleasure.” If you operate a place of business, understand that your welcome, greeting and reception go a very long way. Think of those restaurants that have an over-the-top greeting. Those greetings create great first impressions and opportunities for memorable experiences.¬†Greetings Matter.
  • Phone etiquette and Phone greetings matter. Don’t get me started on “Main Menu, Automated Greeting type stuff.” Greet someone well over the phone.¬†Greetings Matter.
  • Online Greeting – Sometimes the only greeting that people will ever get from you or your business is your website. Make sure your online appearance is communicating a warm welcome, unless of course your business is not warm and welcoming.¬†Greetings Matter.
  • The Church should have the warmest welcome of any public establishment – Is the welcome at your church communicating¬†affection, peace, compassion, mercy and love for everyone? Or is it communicating welcome to those that look like, dress like and act like we do. Your greeting matters, not just the greeting that you say, rather the welcome that you do.¬†Greetings Matter.
  • Give someone a #FistBump. A FistBump is the Swiss Army Knife of greetings and gestures. I greet those in my online community with a #FistBump and good morning (every morning), no matter where I am, what time zone, what part of the world… It’s become my morning greeting and my morning gesture. As soon as I don’t think that this little gesture matters, those that are a part of my online community let me know if I ever forget to send out that top of the morning #FistBump Tweet. The #FistBump is really a Big Deal, as a matter of fact the New York Times recently featured an article about it in print and online, you can check it out here.
  • Your greetings matter because people matter.

Remember greetings really do matter. When you greet strangers, friends and family Рmake sure you communicate your own version of Aloha. Communicate affection, peace, compassion, mercy and love.

Thoughts? Share your thoughts on the importance of greetings.

  • Brett

    I needed to be reminded of this today! As an assistant principal I have the opportunity to greet hundreds of students and parents on a daily basis. Some happy, some super angry, and most in between. Regardless of how I feel I need to make an effort to make their experience at my school better and it all starts with the greeting! Thanks Scott!

  • Mike Kai

    Thanks for the props, Scott! Those two Hope Chapel West O’ahu pastors were Charlton Scullard and Franco Heu. Greeting is our specialty!! Love having you hear!!

  • Our words (or lack there of) truly do have a lot of power. A simple, sincere “How are you?” can be bring a ray of light into someone’s day. Thanks Scott for reminding us we have far more influence than we realize.

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