10 Reasons Why I Prefer The iPad Mini Over The iPad 2

Let me start this post off by saying, “I’ve had every version of iPad and iPhone that has ever existed.” My last iPad was the White iPad 2 which I rocked with a portfolio type Skinny Case. My iPad has always been my Technology Swiss Army Utility Knife of choice. I use it for web surfing, speaking, researching, reading books, music, videos…

Recently I left my iPad 2 in my rental car at Thrifty in Tampa, FL. (That’s crazy because I travel a lot and this has never happened.) Unfortunately it was not recovered and that’s an entirely different blog post. I’m still believing that it will be recovered, according to Find My iPhone it hasn’t been logged into wifi yet.

Prior to the incident of leaving my iPad in Tampa, I had purchased 5 iPad mini’s. Honestly, I was just a little excited that The Apple Store in #OKC happened to have them in stock while I was shopping. I thought they would make great Christmas gifts. 🙂

One of those 5 Mini’s ended up being an early Christmas gift to myself. Fortunately, I was able to restore my new iPad Mini from the last iCloud back up of my now “lost” iPad 2. I began browsing around my new little apple device before I headed out of town. My family and I were headed to Hawaii the day after I began using my iPad Mini. This trip is a combo speaking and vacationing trip. (I’m actually typing this post from my 19th floor balcony on Waikiki Beach.)

I have been using the Black iPad mini wifi only for a few days now and have come to the conclusion that I prefer it over the iPad 2. Below are 10 Reasons Why.

10 Reasons Why I Prefer The iPad Mini Over The iPad 2

  • 1. Size Matters : The iPad Mini is actually the perfect size for a device of its type. The challenge I would have with my iPad 2 is the size with the case wasn’t a great deal smaller than a 13 inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. I would find myself getting my computer out instead of using my iPad.
  • 2. The Palm Of My Hand : Being that I use my iPad Mini primarily for speaking and web browsing, I love the fact that I can grip it in my hand and easily walk around, read, maneuver and have total freedom without any fumbling, need for special hand grip cases or the need for two hands. I can easily grip the Mini with one hand.
  • 3. Screen Display : I’m not a super technical Apple snob and I’m not even totally sure of the exact difference in display size. From the eye test I’ll say that the Mini is stellar and you can widen the margins and increase the font just a bit for perfect viewing. That observation is from a near 40 year-old who wears glasses.
  • 4. The Look : The iPad Mini just looks great. The black one is super sleek and has a black matte back.
  • 5. The Case : For the 1st time, I don’t feel like I need a fully enclosed case. I got the dark grey Smart Cover and I must say for the 1st time I think this case really is smart. Not smart because it wakes up the iPad Mini when you open it, I’m saying that because of the practical nature of it. I have the smart cover on front and the matte Ghost Armor on the back. The iPad Mini keeps it’s original sleek look, with full protection.
  • 6. The Weight : The Mini feels like it doesn’t weigh much more than the iPhone 4s. The actual specs are (iPad Mini = 0.68 pounds and iPad 2 = 1.33 pounds). It basically weighs half as much. It’s so light that if you drop it, the damage will probably be minimal.
  • 7. My Pocket : My pocket, the 16gig wifi is only $329. That’s great for my pocket and your pocket.
  • 8. My Pocket Again : This is one of my favorite things about the mini. I can put it in my pack pocket. Yes, I’m serious it can go in my back pocket. Let me give the disclaimer that I don’t wear big pocket, old school, cargo, Fubu, South Pole, extra big pants. It can fit in my back pocket if I’m wearing a regular pair of skinny jeans, with the smart cover still on I might add. What’s key to this feature is having the smart cover and the Ghost Armor. You slide it in your back pocket with the smooth ghost armor side on your bottom and the smart cover facing outwards. I was able to walk on stage last night with my mini in my back pocket, pull it out, preach, put it back in my pocket and leave the stage. It’s not something that you are going to want to sit down on; however you can have it in your pocket until you get ready to sit down, prior to getting your car or whatever. If it can fit in my pocket I’m sure it can fit in the smallest of small lady’s purse. Did I mention, “I Love The Fact That The iPad Mini Can Fit In My Back Pocket.”
  • 9. The Cameras : The front and back cameras on the Mini are definitely superior to the iPad 2. The front or Facetime camera is now a 1.2 mp HD camera, additionally it has added face detection and backside illumination. The regular camera has added: face detection, backside illumination, five-elements lens, hybrid IR filter and ƒ/2.4 aperture. These additions have also made the video recording much better.
  • 10. Better and Smaller : The 1st reason was the fact that Size Matters… the bottom line is the iPad Mini is Smaller and it’s Better than the iPad 2. It’s distinctly the perfect size for a tablet device.

In no way am I saying I’m happy that I lost my iPad 2 in Tampa, FL.  I do feel a little better that losing it forced me to dive in to using my new favorite Apple device.

Have you bought one? Are you thinking about buying one? Share your thoughts, experiences, observations and comparisons of the iPad Mini.

  • The 7″ size is why the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 have taken off (I actually have had an HTC Flyer 7″ Android tablet for a little over a year now). Would’ve had an iPad Mini had they come out sooner. I love Apple (couldn’t get me to go back from my 13″ MacBook Pro) but they keep showing up late to the game for me (Android phone on Verizon because it took so long for the iPhone to be released). But I agree 100% with you, 7″ is the perfect tablet size. Anything bigger and I might as well pull out my 13″ MacBook.

    • ScottWilliams

      Totally agree… now sell your android tablet and get the mini

      • Heady

        Nexus 7 hommie!

  • Bro, you don’t need to lie. I know you rock that super baggy FuBu denim!

    • ScottWilliams

      LOL I thought it had to be baggy pants, because the guy at the apple store had baggy pants on when he demonstrated.

  • Scott, now there’s a way to turn a disappointment into something positive. I personally didn’t bother looking at this version but you raise some valid benefits. But my question: if you’re writing from Hawaii, can we believe you? When I’m in Hawaii, I’m in a state of near bliss and think everything is near-perfect. Let’s see what you think when you return to the mainland. 🙂

    • ScottWilliams

      I know, I know… why remind me about the disappointing side. For what I do, mainland or island I’m going to like it.

  • Great post and probably has me decided on the mini over the others.

    • ScottWilliams

      Thanks… i really do like mine.

  • ericurbach

    Agree! I love mine.

    • ScottWilliams

      It is awesome… I need to stop by and say Hi when I get back.

  • David

    What is the definition of the word “rock”?

    • If you have to ask, it’s not for you…

  • Can you preach from the iPad mini?

  • I loved the size of my old 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab and was quite happy with it…UNTIL…..My wife bought me an iPad. I had been delving into the world of digital music production on my PC desktop and was considering getting a rather powerful MacBook or iPad to serve as my portable music workstation. My wife heard of a friend selling his pristine iPad CHEAP and jumped on it. I was shocked! Why wasn’t I on the iPad sooner! Not only do I study on it, teach from it and check emails on it (yes, Twitter, Facbook too. Love your Swiss Army Knife comparison) but it is an amazing audio production tool. What would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in combined audio hardware and software costs about $100 in apps! Using the Alessis iO Dock we’vwe recorded our first songs for church.
    That being said, the buttons are small enough on the iPad for my purposes that I could not see migrating the smaller screen of the mini.

  • Ray

    Hmm these reasons changed my mind of buying iPad mini instead of iPad 2. But what about the rumour of iPad mini with retina display that will show up after a year maybe? I really want an Ipad now for reading books so is it worth to wait for the next new iPad mini?

  • Chris.

    My favorite change iPad mini has brought into my life: I spent more time on the toilet.

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