Ray Lewis’ Inspirational Post Game Interview

Above is Ray Lewis’ Inspirational Post Game Interview after the Ravens defeated the Broncos in a double overtime 1st round playoff game… He wore a shirt with Psalm 91 on it last week and this week’s Post Game is laced with scripture and God inspiration all over it.

Ray Lewis inspires me and I think his retirement season is going to inspire many, as he leads the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory. There is something special about what’s going on with the end of his career and the beginning of his life post football. Every time I hear him speak, I learn a lot and walk away inspired. There seems to be a special anointing on his life.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on this interview and the miraculous nature of this post game since his retirement announcement.

  • Jay Jones

    🙂 I think God cares very little about football, and probably had nothing to do with this win… But I do think it’s inspiring that despite everyone thinking there was no hope for their success, they came out as victors.

    I’m not a football follower these days, however, so maybe God joined a team since I last checked in on the sport! Haha!

    • ScottWilliams

      very well said…

      • Jay Jones

        Scott, I’ve really enjoyed following your blog. Much appreciated, man!

    • Holy man

      I disagree with this, I believe god cares about what ever we care about and helps us with what we love most

      • Jay Jones

        Then I feel really bad about the guys on the other team who were also praying, naming and claiming. 🙂

    • Jay Jones

      It’s settled, God is a Ravens fan! Haha! 🙂

      Just having fun, guys

  • As a huge Baltimore Ravens fan and from Baltimore I am biased. I teach in the inner city of Baltimore where kids don’t believe they can do it. This for me, is just another way for me to point to them, when all odds are against them, they can win at life. I am so pumped up I can’t wait to share my lesson with my students.

  • Yes Scott I saw the same post game interview and it was incredible. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use him in his post NFL career. He is a great leader and Man of God.

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