5 Calendar Items Of Healthy and Productive People

Calendars, Calendars, Calendars… Each and every one of us has one. Even if you don’t keep a formal one, you still have one.

Calendars help us stay organized and direct our life events. Calendars are the mile-markers of our life events. It’s important that your calendars consist of 5 key elements if you want to have healthy and productive mile-markers.

The one thing that’s not on this list of key elements is prayer. Prayer doesn’t need to be on the list; however it’s critical that it be understood. Prayer is the steering wheel of healthy, successful and productive people. Prayer has to guide, cover, lead, and connect everything that you do. You must use prayer as the steering wheel of your schedule and your life and not simply as your spare tire.

5 Calendar Items Of Healthy and Productive People

  • 1. Time To Think: You must schedule time to get alone, to think and to dream. This thinking time can be alone, in groups, with whiteboards, in silence… the most important aspect of this calendar time is that you are using it to think. (Think, Think, Think)
  • 2. Time To Do:  Go here, go there, do this, do that, accomplish this, accomplish that, workout here, exercise there, to-do this and to-do that. (Do, Do, Do)
  • 3. Time To Rest: You must schedule time to rest, time to refresh, time to energize and time to do absolutely nothing. Stephen Covey refers to this as sharpening your axe. He tells the story of someone so busy cutting down trees (see #2 time to do) that they don’t take time to stop and sharpen their axe. The person who takes the time to sharpen their axe will cut down more trees. (Rest, Rest, Rest)
  • 4. Time To Connect: Meetings are not always a good thing as a matter of fact often times they are little nuisances that get in the way of our daily mile-markers. Although meetings are not always great, connecting with others is highly important. Schedule time to connect with your spouse, family, friends, mentors, colleagues, like-minded folks… There should be times to connect throughout your schedule. Date nights, hang-outs, get-together and meetings for the sole purpose of connecting. (Connect, Connect, Connect)
  • 5. Time To Evaluate: It’s important to take all of the above items coupled with the other elements of life and evaluate them. Assessment, Adjustment and Evaluation are critical to recurring success. If you are not constantly assessing the what, how and when, you may lose focus of the why. (Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate)

What do you think? Share your thoughts and experiences concerning these 5 Items.

  • Hi Scott,

    I’ve just done Step 5.

    Prayer & Fasting days – check!
    Thinking time – check!
    Marriage time – check!
    Family film nights – check!
    Gym time – check!
    Connection time – check!
    Business task time – check!

    Thanks for a helpful reminder…

  • Dominique Johnson

    Good reminder…this will be helpful in teaching and equipping people for personal development!!

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