A New Set Of Footprints In The Sand

A New Set Of Footprints In The Sand

One morning I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
I noticed many pieces of technology along the way.
There were lights, cruise ships and people along the beach engaging with their technology.
Some had laptops, many with smart phones, while a few clicked around on their tablets.

I also noticed footprints and the footprints were intriguing to me.
Some footprints leading here, some leading there and others seeming to lead nowhere.

Suddenly I gazed upon a special set of footprints.
They didn’t lead here nor there, they seemed to lead to off into the air.

These footprints led straight to a MacBook Air.

~Scott Williams

(inspired by “footprints in the sand” by Mary Stevenson while walking on the beach in Hawaii)

  • Jimmy Hankins

    I’m getting old. Thinking about tech these makes me flashback to a scene near the end of Constantine where “Lou” responds to a question about how his family is doing. “busy busy busy” (grin)

    • ScottWilliams

      Jimmy, I’m just happy to know that you are still around. 🙂 (grin) How are you my friend

      • Jimmy Hankins

        Hya Scott! Hey, I think you visited a place in Perris, CA that I spent a few months at when I was young enough to physically wander the desert . Nice people. Really freaked me out. (grin)

  • robert65156

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