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Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing, but No One Is Saying Anything

speakHave you ever found yourself in a group, on a team, in an organization or in a situation where you knew that: “Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing, but No One Is Saying Anything?”  We have all been in those situations and sometimes there’s even a little internal chuckling that goes along with the thought. The internal chuckling is generally a less serious matter; however there are other situations where Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing, but No One Is Saying Anything and those internal thoughts are leading to serious bitterness and frustration.

I get the opportunity to do consulting for individuals and organizations in many different arenas from all around the world. My primary focus is organizational growth, both internally and externally. What I have seen and have personally experienced over the years is this: “When Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing, but No One Is Say Anything” there is definitely a culture that’s impeding organizational and individual growth.

Some of the most thriving organizations in the world have cultures where everyone is thinking and saying the same thing. The creating of this culture always begins and ends with the CEO, Senior Leader and or Executive Leadership Team.

If you find yourself in a culture where “Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing, but No One Is Saying Anything“,  It’s time to speak up, lead up and be a catalyst for fostering a culture of mutual thinking and speaking — a culture of success. If you are a senior executive or part of the leadership team, work hard to ask the right questions, to create an environment of openness and to create culture where your team and your organizations are thinking and saying the same thing.

When the situation of necessity taps you on the shoulder, the bold turn around and respond — they speak up, they act.

Be Bold – Think It, Say It and Live It.

What has been your experience with a culture where “Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing, but No One Is Saying Anything?”  Share your thoughts!

A Healthy Church Staff

healthyChurch Teams and Church Staff should be healthy. The End! Actually that is the end; however it’s only the beginning of this post. You will often hear horror stories of companies and organization who have staff that are over-worked, under-payed and flat out unhealthy. Those descriptors should not be true of any staff and especially not the staff of the Bride of Christ. Unfortunately, those descriptors are becoming as prevalent in church teams as they are in John Q Corporation teams. Everything rises and falls with the leader and organizational health happens to fall into that category of everything.

“The single biggest factor determining whether an organization is going to get healthier—or not—is the genuine commitment and active involvement of the person in charge.” ~Patrick Lencioni

What Lencioni is saying is, “Mr. or Mrs. Leader… It’s Up To You!”

The church should grow. Yes

The church should adapt business models. Yes

The church should strive for excellence. Yes

The church should be an example of how to do things the right way. Yes

If you want a healthy church, start by having a healthy team.

Church Teams and Church Staff should be healthy. The End!

The Greatest Challenge Facing Leaders Today

leadership challengeThere are countless books, blogs, videos, conferences, classes, tweets, posts and seminars about leadership. There are lots of people talking, teaching, and sharing information about leadership. The greatest challenge facing leaders today has little to do with the lack of leadership information, its more about the lack of leadership implementation.

The Greatest Challenge Facing Leaders Today is a group of followers, team members and co-workers that are unwilling to speak up about what’s wrong, what’s ugly, what’s crazy, what’s ridiculous and what needs to be changed. The Greatest Challenge Facing Leaders Today is having a group of people around them that will only tell them what’s good, what makes sense and what’s right.

Leaders must be genuinely committed to creating an environment where they truly solicit the good, the bad and the ugly. If you find yourself in an organization where you can only share the good, you’re in an organization that is destined for mediocrity. If you find yourself in an organization where the good, the bad and the ugly is shared freely, you are in an organization that is destined for greater things.

“The leader who truly wants to know is the leader that is destined to grow.”

It’s up to the leader to create these environments and it’s up to the team to take advantage of them.

Create and Take Advantage.

6 Life Lessons From Fast and Furious 6

fast 6 2This past Friday, my father-in-law came into town and we decided to have a fellas afternoon out. It consisted of lunch and a matinee viewing of Fast and Furious 6. This movie won’t disappoint moviegoers as it’s fast-paced, action-packed, adrenaline rushing, with a great plot and some moments that will make you jump along the way.

Fast and Furious 6 has a stronger moral message than its predecessors. Don’t get me wrong this movie is no G-Rated production; however it does hold true to it’s PG-13 rating some language, bikinis and violence. Outside of some unrealistic moments, which are to be expected Fast and Furious 6 was a great movie with some great lessons. Below are 6 Life Lessons From Fast and Furious 6.

6 Life Lessons From Fast and Furious 6

  • 1. You Don’t Turn Your Back On Family – This was an early quote from Torreto that really set the tone for the entire movie. Good, Bad or Ugly… family is family, don’t turn your back on them. Remember: Some friends are as much family as your biological family 
  • 2. If You Want To Hunt Wolves You Must Have Wolves – This may not be a direct and accurate quote from Torreto; however it was something to that affect. The bottom line is sometimes you have to have the rough and tough to catch the rough and tough, a killer instinct to catch a killer instinct, a former lost person to reach the lost, someone who has been there and done that to help someone that is there and is doing that.
  • 3. We All Have A Weak Spot – This quote from Shaw illustrates that we all have a weak spot, no matter how good we are, how tough we are, how great we are… we all have a weak spot and we all have room for improvement.
  • 4. There Is Never “Nothing,” there is always “Something” – This quote from Luke Hobbs (aka The Rock) illustrates that there is always something happening. Sometimes we can’t see it, smell it, hear it or even feel it happening, but something is happening. In the quietest of moments something is happening. When you think nothing is going on, remember something is going on. When you think that nothing is working, remember something is working. When you think nothing is going your way, remember something is about to breakthrough.
  • 5. No One Makes Me Do Anything, I Do What I Want To Do – This quote by “Letty” has a powerful and truthful message. There is power in embracing that you are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Often times people try to put the blame on everyone else instead of looking in the mirror. You will often hear comments like “The devil or so and so made me do it.” Stop giving the devil and “so and so” so much credit and take responsibility. No one makes you do anything; you do what you want to.
  • 6. Thank God For Family – This was a really nice moment was at the end of the movie when the crew was gathered together at a modest old house in Los Angeles sitting around the table holding hands and about to say grace before their meal. One of the first words out of Roman’s mouth was Thank God For Family. He went on to say thanks for fast cars. This moment is a great reminder that no matter how much we thank God; we still have not thanked Him enough.

Just as in life if you want to find some great lessons from Fast and Furious 6, all you have to do is look, they are right there on the big screen. The movie is a fast and furious ride on the streets of life. The journey gives us some insight as to the importance of family, the virtue of loyalty, the value of life, the ideal of putting others before yourself and the understanding that fighting for something greater than yourself is awesome.

What life lessons did you learn from Fast and Furious 6? Do any of these 6 lessons resonate with you?

Tornado Relief In Oklahoma – Video From @PeoplesChurchtv

Here is a video shot from my Pastor @HerbertCooper from @peopleschurchtv about how churches and individuals can help with tornado relief. So much devastation an so much opportunity.

Re-Defining Greatness – “Everybody Can Serve”

Martin Luther King (kinetic typography) from versa on Vimeo.

Martin Luther King (kinetic typography) from versa on Vimeo.

Awesome video… watch, think, listen, serve.

Why @SouthwestAir Is Winning #NapkinThoughts

southwest napkin

I am going to start sharing random  thoughts that I write on napkins. We will call these a #NapkinThought. Todays #NapkinThought is Why @Southwestair is winning.

Changing Generations As We Point Them To Jesus – Watch Me!

Watch this… Watch Me!

“Girl On Fire” – A Tribute To Mothers

Check out this tribute to mothers video that my church put together.

It will make you chuckle… enjoy!

20 Things You Need To Stop Doing… Right Now!

stopBelow is a list of 20 Things You Need To STOP Doing… Right Now!

  • 1. Stop placing your job above your family.
  • 2. Stop doubting yourself.
  • 3. Stop believing the lies.
  • 4. Stop settling for second best.
  • 5. Stop procrastinating.
  • 6. Stop making excuses.
  • 7. Stop standing paralyzed in awe of the success of others.
  • 8. Stop tippy-toeing on that line of sin.
  • 9. Stop being consumed with what other people think.
  • 10. Stop waiting until tomorrow to do the things you can do today.
  • 11. Stop limiting your dreams. Dream BIG!
  • 12. Stop treating people how you don’t want to be treated.
  • 13. Stop worrying about what people think.
  • 14. Stop being quiet when you know your supposed to speak up.
  • 15. Stop trying to fit in, you were made to stand out.
  • 16. Stop focusing on others. Look in the mirror!
  • 17. Stop asking for permission.
  • 18. Stop giving the least to those that matter the most.
  • 19. Stop being scared of failure.
  • 20. Stop saying “I Can’t!” – Remember: Can’t never could!

Share your thoughts on any of these 20 and feel free to add more to the list.

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