Guy Finds Out He’s Black At The Age Of 13

This video is not only hilarious, there are some deep story lines as well.

Watch and share what stands out to you.

  • So many thoughts about this funny video. This is what stood out for me.

    1. It shows that unless certain things are pointed out to you, such as colour in this instance, we are none the wiser.

    2. Sometimes we have to confirm the things we hear with someone who is more experienced than ourselves – this guy ran to his mum.

    3. Sometimes we have no clue who we are until someone tells us or points it out.

    4. Sometimes what we know (knowledge) can have a good or bad effect on us.

    5. The mother was honest enough to tell him the truth there and then. She could have made matters worse by trying to hide the situation or turn it into some sordid bad thing. This made me think how parents need to be honest with their children about certain issues and from a young age, as it took someone else to tell him. And hearing it from an outsider could have knocked him for six.

    6. Sometimes the way we are treated is due to what everyone else sees or thinks about us. For example – security following because you are black.

    Loved the video.

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