20 Things You Need To Stop Doing… Right Now!

stopBelow is a list of 20 Things You Need To STOP Doing… Right Now!

  • 1. Stop placing your job above your family.
  • 2. Stop doubting yourself.
  • 3. Stop believing the lies.
  • 4. Stop settling for second best.
  • 5. Stop procrastinating.
  • 6. Stop making excuses.
  • 7. Stop standing paralyzed in awe of the success of others.
  • 8. Stop tippy-toeing on that line of sin.
  • 9. Stop being consumed with what other people think.
  • 10. Stop waiting until tomorrow to do the things you can do today.
  • 11. Stop limiting your dreams. Dream BIG!
  • 12. Stop treating people how you don’t want to be treated.
  • 13. Stop worrying about what people think.
  • 14. Stop being quiet when you know your supposed to speak up.
  • 15. Stop trying to fit in, you were made to stand out.
  • 16. Stop focusing on others. Look in the mirror!
  • 17. Stop asking for permission.
  • 18. Stop giving the least to those that matter the most.
  • 19. Stop being scared of failure.
  • 20. Stop saying “I Can’t!” – Remember: Can’t never could!

Share your thoughts on any of these 20 and feel free to add more to the list.

  • Seems like there are a number of things on your list that I need to stop right now. Instead I need to make a ‘start’…. nobody likes sitting at the traffic lights on a red light for longer than necessary.

    Thanks for the prompt today, just what I needed.

  • maranatha

    Hmmm. great points there! You know the first people we lead in our step to leadership is ourselves. That’s why the Bible teaches that a deacon, first have his home in order before attempting to put the church in order. In Dag Heward-Mills’ “Art of Leadership, 2nd Edition”, he teaches on various habits a leader should cultivate; check it out, and be blessed! 🙂

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