Dancing Little Ceasars Man

We were on our way home from practice and saw this guy dancing… I almost stopped and got some Little Ceasars. I had to stop and catch a quick recording.

Do these dancing on the corner folks convince you to buy a product? Where have you seen the most entertaining corner dancer.

  • Chandra Mickle Lee

    By the looks of that big cooler I guess he works up a big thirst. And no I don’t buy things because of a marketing campaign. If I don’t want or need something I don’t care how smooth the marketing campaign is I won’t buy it. I buy because I find out what I want is available. At least that is what I think…:) I don’t appreciate Little Caesars so no amount of dancing would make me stop to buy, but I might stop to get some video footage like you did.

  • I wouldn’t buy from someone dancing on the street. I think that’s because I wouldn’t know if what they were selling was legitimate or if they even had a licence to sell anything. My experience tells me to be nice but move on without stopping.

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