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10 Excuses People Make


People want to succeed, but find excuses as to why they can’t.

People want a better marriage, but find excuses as to why they don’t.

People want a better job, but find excuses as to why they can’t.

People want to get in shape, but find excuses as to why they won’t.

People want to change themselves, but find excuses as to why they can’t.

People want to change the world, but find excuses as to why they won’t.

People want to be great, but find excuses as to why mediocre is better.

People want to be better parents, but find excuses as to why the aren’t.

People want to kick bad habits, but find excuses as to why the can’t.

People want to be like so and so, but find excuses as to why they can’t.

People make way too many excuses.

If it’s important to you, you will find a way… if not you’ll find an excuse.

Stop Making Excuses!!!

15 Simple Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Leader

twitter leader

Here are 15 Simple Ways That Twitter Can Make You A Better Leader, all in 140 or less.

  • 1. I Want Access– You have access to the thoughts, lives, principles & activities of some of the best leaders and leadership authors in the world.
  • 2. Let’s Be Open- Allowing those that U work for, w/ or may potentially work with in the future to take a more open look at your life. The Other Side Of You!
  • 3. Think Before You Act– Forces U 2 think before U tweet realizing that everything U tweet is permanent; all leadership decision R permanent at least 4 that moment.
  • 4. Keep It Pithy- U have 2 get straight 2 the point, 140 or less. Streamline ur thoughts, say what’s necessary, make it meaningful & Realize ur words matter!
  • 5. What’s The 411- There is an abundance of relevant information at your fingertips, current events, tech., trends, culture, scripture, product, research…
  • 6. You’re Not My Boss– You have to learn how to lead and connect in an environment where people are not forced to follow or connect… Why should I listen to you?
  • 7. Don’t Be A Phony- Authenticity is critical for a leader! People smell a phony a mile away. Be Real, Be yourself. “Do You, It’s a Statement… Not a Question!”
  • 8. Development is about others- You have the ability to encourage, inspire, help, shape, lead & develop others. Make your leadership matter.
  • 9. Influence is Earned- You must earn your influence on Twitter & leadership is the same way. It’s about what you get, it’s about what you give.
  • 10. Two Way Street- Open comm. & feedback between leaders & followers is must for gr8 leaders. Be open to feedback, comm. & criticism frm Twitter followers.
  • 11. Style Matters- Watching, listening & learning from individual’s communication style & tone is key. Do u come off as a jerk, cool, nice, respectable…
  • 12. Understanding Influence- You quickly understand that influence isn’t simply about a position or role but rather what you offer your tribe.
  • 13. Change Is Important- You are able to see how things are changing daily, twitter went from being a “fad” to everyone using a twitter handle.
  • 14. Information Is King- You see the importance of information, twitter is so popular because it’s an information source. Do you have info?
  • 15. Relationship Matter- Relationships Mater, Connections Matter, Leadership is All About Relationships…

Share your thoughts on this list of 15 or add additional to the list… in 140 or less!

Admit It… You’re Wrong!!!

wrong 2Failing to admit you’re wrong doesn’t make you right. It doesn’t make the mistake go away and it doesn’t mean people will assume that you had good intentions.

The willingness to admit that you’re wrong is a huge key to success for any leader, business, parent, organization, marriage etc. Unfortunately, folks expend gargantuan amounts of energy avoiding the admittance of the fact that they were wrong, trying cover up their wrongs and hoping their wrongs will somehow make a right. One, two or three wrongs don’t make a right; however the admittance of a wrong is definitely a gigantic step in the right direction.

Failing To Admit That You’re Wrong is just wrong and it’s an ultimate roadblock to success. Acknowledge, Admit, Correct and Proceed.

Share your thought and experiences with the effects of this.

Day Of Hope in #OKC – Peoples Church

DAY OF HOPE 2013 from People's Church on Vimeo.

I love that my church is always finding ways to impact our community… Day of Hope is just one more way the @PeoplesChurch family shows what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Tapping Into Your Inner Greatness

greatnessWe live in a world where there seems to be greatness all around us. We get to watch our favorite TV programs with all of the great actors and actresses. Not long ago we were able to watch the NBA Finals where we get to watch the greatest basketball players in the world battle it out on the court. We get to attend conferences and hear from some of brightest minds and the greatest speakers of our time. We get to read blogs and books of some of the brightest minds on the planet.

We simply get to sit and watch greatness. We get to imagine what greatness could be and get a little glimpse of what it is. We get to watch greatness all around us and often times we are in awe because of it.

Every year I watch a little singing competition called American Idol where people who watched greatness for years decid to take a shot at becoming great. Twelve make it to the top, two make it to the finale and one becomes the great winner. What changed with these top 12? They chose to be great, they gave it a chance, they stepped in the ring, they got off the sidelines and they got in the game. If you are not in the ring, on the court, at the plate you will never be great, because those on the sidelines never become the greatest. They are spectators, they watch the great ones.

“Greatness is inside of you” is not some random quote or saying… it’s truth. You have potential for greatness, it’s time that you reach your God potential, it’s time to tap into your inner greatness.

“Forget about likes and dislikes. They are of no consequence. Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness but it is greatness.” ~George Bernard Shaw

You Can Watch Greatness or Choose To Be Great!

Understanding The True Value Of An Idea

idea 3I have lots of thoughts each and every day, as a matter of fact all of us do. There is varying research that suggests how many thoughts a day the average human has. Some research indicates that 100 years ago the average number of thoughts was 5,000 a day and today humans think around 50,000 thoughts per day. I guess we have a lot more to think about in this overly stimulating age and time.

I’m not sure what the accurate number of thoughts per day is, however I’d be inclined to think that I’m more aligned with the 50,000 thoughts a day number. I would also say that many of the thoughts that I have are ideas, dreams, visions and more ideas.

As a consultant the general deliverables for my clients primarily deal with ideas, connecting those ideas to strategy and moving that strategy into reality. The “always on” line of thinking works perfect for the way that I’m wired, because I’m a thinker and thinking is how I orient my world. I literally had 10 different business ideas, strategies, thoughts and aha’s on my drive taking my son and his friends to basketball practice yesterday. I got home did some research and realized that a couple of them didn’t make sense and I will pursue the others further. (In due time)

That’s the beauty of having many thoughts is the fact that you weed out the ones that need to be weeded out and you act on the others.  The more ideas you have the greater opportunity for some of those ideas to be great ones. My Go Daddy domain account is an example of that – I have an idea, I buy a domain, I let it sit for awhile, at the end of the year I chose to delete or renew. Buying the domain is simply investing in the potential of the idea.

The beauty an idea is the fact that it forces you to wrestle the question of, “Is this idea good, bad or indifferent?” Often times a bad idea has as much value and opportunities for learning as a good one. Ideas all have potential, it’s what you do with those ideas that determines whether or not the potential of a particular idea is realized. Potential unrealized is just potential.

What Is An Idea Worth? The idea itself is not worth much. The strategy, thoughts, wrestling and process of massaging that idea into something special is worth lots, maybe even million$ or gazillion$.

There are tons of success stories that simply began with an idea that was developed into something very special. What Is An Idea Worth?  It depends on what the person that has the idea is willing to do with it? We must learn to Understand The True Value Of An Idea.

Have ideas, sift through them and do something about them.

Share your thoughts on the whole ideation process.

New Position- Director Of Spiritual Development (Tampa, FL)

tcc logoNew Search-
 Director Of Spiritual Development /Pastor/

ChurchThe Crossing Church

Location– Tampa, FL

Some Details– In April of 2005, members of Crosstown Community Church and The Pointe Church merged to form The Crossing Church. Crosstown had been searching for the right Senior Pastor to fulfill the calling God had placed on it; the Pointe Church was a rapidly growing church who had outgrown their facility and was in need of additional space. God aligned these two churches and formed one amazingly strong and balanced church. The Crossings Church is a multi-site ministry located in beautiful Tampa, Florida with an avg. weekly attendance of 5,500.

The Role- The Director Of Spiritual Development is a high level leadership role within The Crossing Church and serves a member of the Lead Team. The primary responsibilities for this role include providing leadership and direction for all “Growth Ministries”: Assimilations, LifeGroups, Equipping, Missions and Large Events.

If you are interested or have questions any question, please contact Nxt Level Solutions by emailing or submit your resume here. All information/correspondence is held in confidence between you, Nxt Level Solutions and The Crossing Church. Should your church is interested in this type of search for your church, feel free to contact me personally

Top 5 Ways Leaders Destroy Their Teams

bad leader1Often times with leadership we hear the warm and fuzzies or the great success stories. There are so many great books, tools and resources at the disposal of leaders, one could theorize that leadership growth and competency should be inevitable. The challenge with that theory is it quickly becomes rendered “not always true” because of the simple fact that leadership deals with human beings. Anytime you are dealing with people things are never that simplistic.

A key understanding to leadership placement, roles and responsibilities is this: people hire people, who hire people, who hire people. Somewhere within the various hiring generations, there are people placed in roles of leadership that they are not capable of. In my tenure working as a Deputy Prison Warden, before being promoted to Warden, I worked for a leader that definitely should not have been in her role. She literally destroyed her staff and destroyed her team. Not only did she destroy them, she didn’t have the self-awareness to make the necessary adjustments.

Unfortunately the “Leadership Destroyers” were not isolated to my experience, if you live long enough and work for enough people, there is a good chance that you will work for one of these destroyers. To help identify how these leaders or managers destroy their teams, I have identified 5 ways.

5 Ways Leaders Destroy Their Teams

  • 1. My Way Or The Highway (MWOH):  Everyone has an opinion and often times people have thoughts, ideas and suggestions that can be helpful to those that are in charge.  MWOH is fueled by the insecurity of the Leadership Destroyer. MWOH can create an environment of control, but not an environment of healthy success. Listen to your team, involve your team, learn from your team and embrace the reality that the collective sum is much better than the Big-Headed MWOH Leader.
  • 2. All About The Numbers: The numbers do matter, the bottom line is important and if it doesn’t make dolla$ it doesn’t make sense. In business, ministry or non-profit work, it’s important to measure things as it’s a great barometer for success. Where numbers become a problem is when the Leadership Destroyer focuses on the numbers, bottom line and measurables so much that they forget about their team of people who are making those numbers happen. They lose sight of the “how” because they are so focused on the “what.” Number matter, but people matter more. Focus on creating a healthy team and healthy numbers will be a natural bi-product.
  • 3. Talk But Don’t Listen: No one can get a word in or have an opinion because the Leadership Destroyer is always talking. Not only are they always talking, they never listen. If people are not heard, they will cease to say the things that matter. Shh (be quiet) Listen!
  • 4. Change Things For The Sake Of Changing Things: Change is good and sometimes necessary to create forward momentum. The Leadership Destroyer takes this to another level by changing things just to let you know that they’re the boss. They are unwilling to receive feedback or go back to what worked, even if their change isn’t working. I heard a great thought from OSU Football Coach Mike Gundy from his press conference a couple years ago when OSU was ranked #2 and they were rolling like a well-oiled machine. Mike Gundy said, (paraphrasing) “I try to change things up a bit, just to justify my existence. My team will come to me and say I think we need to stick to XYZ and this is why. Often times what they are saying makes perfect sense and I change it back.” It’s important to survey the impact, timing and necessity of change.
  • 5. They Just Don’t Care: The quickest way to destroy a team is to not care about the players on the team. Team members know the difference between the fake stuff and the genuine care and concern for the individual players and the collective team. Leadership Destroyers care more about their title, role, corner office and the fact that they have arrived than they do their team. One of the things that the inmates used to say when I was a Warden in regards to leadership and life is this, “It’s All About Missouri!” In other words, Missouri is the Show-Me State. I’ll close with the words of John Maxwell, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
What Do You Think?  Share your thoughts and experiences with either of these 5 Ways.

The Power Of Power Naps

The Power of a Power Nap… Science supports you taking a nap, watch this video and nap more often.

10 Variables To Achieve Maximum Success

10 Variables To Achieve Maximum Success

For those of you that follow me, my blog and my social media streams; you know I like to share lessons that I learn from everywhere. Often times that everywhere consists of what I’m learning from my wife and two sons. Recently my 10 year old son Jayden won that (USATF) USA Track and Field National Championship. (See the video above.)

It wasn’t an easy task for Jayden to do and there were many variables that contributed to his success. I have Identified these variables as something I’m calling 10 Variables To Achieve Maximum Success.

1. Teachability- Jayden was always eager to learn. He listens (most of the time), he watches YouTube videos of shot-puters, he’s always watching and looking at successful athletes, he embraces new techniques & he learns. All of his coaches praise his teachable spirit. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must have a teachable spirit)

2. Adaptability- Jayden has a number of different coaches that provide instruction for him. He has the track coach for sprinters, he has several basketball coaches, several football coaches, mom and dad and 3 different shot put coaches. With shot put he has learned to listen to what all of the coaches are saying and really try to put those lessons through the lens of his personal shot put coach. He has learned to adapt, eat the meat, be adaptable and spit out some of the bones. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must be adaptable)

3. Practice- Jayden works hard and gives 110% almost every practice. He always asks to run w/ the sprinters, even during times he was supposed to be just working on the shot-put. He is always open to extra practices. He goes to track practice, works out with a trainer, goes to individual workouts and rarely complains. As a matter of fact he is the one that requests the additional workouts. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must practice)

4. Resilience- Jayden always learns from his mistakes. When his teammate began throwing farther than him in a couple of meets, he simply worked harder and got better and next thing Jayden began throwing farther than his teammate. As a matte of fact, he beat his teammate on the biggest stage at the national championship. Earlier in the season Jayden had some challenges with scratching by going out of the ring or throwing out of bounds. He didn’t let it get him down, he pushed through, made corrections and got better. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must be resilient) 

5. Growth- Throughout this season, Jayden has gotten better and better and better and better. He has pretty much increased his distance and has thrown a personal best almost each and every track meet. He understands the importance of growth, the importance of getting better and the importance of improving. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must be willing to grow)

6. Heart- Jayden has the heart and desire of a winner. He told us he was going to win, get 1st place and be the National Champion… and he did. Although he has not gotten 1st place in every track meet; he has always had the heart, desire and a will to win. The will to win and the desire to succeed are the key ingredients to tapping into maximum success. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must possess heart)

7. Commitment- Jayden has been committed to both track & field events. When I was laughing and making fun of the possibility of Jayden throwing the shot-put a couple of years ago… Jayden made me eat my laughter. He has remained focused & has stayed committed to this new sporting event. His commitment continues to pay off! (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must be committed)

8. Performance- Jayden always performs well when everything is on the line. During the peak of this season, He performed, he threw his best and he got 1st place. He likes to see where his competition, rise to the occasion and beat them. He loves competition. He likes to compete against the best, even if he really doesn’t have a chance. He’s not the fastest kid on the track team, but he loves competing against the fastest. Competition drives performance and performance leads to success. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must perform)

9. Belief- Jayden always believes he has a chance to compete and a chance to win. Self belief is a critical component of real success. Jayden is generally the smallest shot puter in the competition that actually competes at the highest level (see video above to see the size of his competition), it’s a big mans sport. He works on getting stronger, works on technique and believes that he can compete with the bigger, stronger competitors. Self belief is contagious, the ore you believe in yourself, the more success you will have. (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must believe)

10. Have Fun- Jayden always competes and he always has fun. He’s serious when he needs to be serious, he works hard and plays hard in practice. He smiles the majority of the time. Competing is fun and have success is just a nice bonus. We always make sure we provide opportunities for fun activities, because having fun is a must. Jayden knows that at the point it’s not fun, we will shift gears. We adjusted the number of practices and meets we went to this year, all in the spirit of keeping the fun. We keep fun little competitions, we have fun in the cities that we travel to, we have fun re-capping our experiences. If you are not having fun and enjoying what you do, it’s time to do something different… Period The End!!! (If you want to achieve maximum success, you must have fun)

What do you think? How have you seen these variables contribute to success? How have you seen the lack of these variables led to failure. 

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