Tapping Into Your Inner Greatness

greatnessWe live in a world where there seems to be greatness all around us. We get to watch our favorite TV programs with all of the great actors and actresses. Not long ago we were able to watch the NBA Finals where we get to watch the greatest basketball players in the world battle it out on the court. We get to attend conferences and hear from some of brightest minds and the greatest speakers of our time. We get to read blogs and books of some of the brightest minds on the planet.

We simply get to sit and watch greatness. We get to imagine what greatness could be and get a little glimpse of what it is. We get to watch greatness all around us and often times we are in awe because of it.

Every year I watch a little singing competition called American Idol where people who watched greatness for years decid to take a shot at becoming great. Twelve make it to the top, two make it to the finale and one becomes the great winner. What changed with these top 12? They chose to be great, they gave it a chance, they stepped in the ring, they got off the sidelines and they got in the game. If you are not in the ring, on the court, at the plate you will never be great, because those on the sidelines never become the greatest. They are spectators, they watch the great ones.

“Greatness is inside of you” is not some random quote or saying… it’s truth. You have potential for greatness, it’s time that you reach your God potential, it’s time to tap into your inner greatness.

“Forget about likes and dislikes. They are of no consequence. Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness but it is greatness.” ~George Bernard Shaw

You Can Watch Greatness or Choose To Be Great!

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