Admit It… You’re Wrong!!!

wrong 2Failing to admit you’re wrong doesn’t make you right. It doesn’t make the mistake go away and it doesn’t mean people will assume that you had good intentions.

The willingness to admit that you’re wrong is a huge key to success for any leader, business, parent, organization, marriage etc. Unfortunately, folks expend gargantuan amounts of energy avoiding the admittance of the fact that they were wrong, trying cover up their wrongs and hoping their wrongs will somehow make a right. One, two or three wrongs don’t make a right; however the admittance of a wrong is definitely a gigantic step in the right direction.

Failing To Admit That You’re Wrong is just wrong and it’s an ultimate roadblock to success. Acknowledge, Admit, Correct and Proceed.

Share your thought and experiences with the effects of this.

  • I’ve always had great respect for people in leadership positions who can stand up and own up to being wrong. It’s much easier to move and correct the mistakes that way. Those who hold on to their wrongness always look foolish in the eyes of everyone around and it does stifle relationships.

  • scootermcgavin

    two types of people. 1. takers, 2. and takers, taking is like what a baby does, if a baby wants it, it takes it. Grown ups learn we need to take our turn, and when necessary, have some dignity and not take take take take take take

  • chadwick lovebomb

    When an animal that lives to fight, cannot get the attention of his target, he targets the animals that are close to his target. The animals family and friends. IUts crazy because all they needed to do was what nature intended= fight, but these fighting animals can be crude and they hurt little bitty animals just to get at the one they want.

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