3 Non-Fundamentals Of Leadership

non leadershipLeadership, Leadership, Leadership…  it seems to be the point of discussion no matter what the subject is. If you turn on SportsCenter you might hear about Nick Saban, Tom Brady or LeBron James’ Leadership. If you turn on any national news station you might hear about the leadership or lack there of from Congress and the White House. If you look in your social media streams you will see many people sharing a leadership quotes and recommending leadership books and blogs.

Everyone is always talking about leadership, many people are writing about leadership and everyone wants to be a better leader. Leadership expert and author John Maxwell has written countless leadership books and has sold over 19 million copies – a concrete example that people desire to become better leaders.

It doesn’t matter how many leadership books you read, how much leadership intellect you have or if you have obtained an awesome leadership role. There are 3 Non-Fundamentals Of Leadership, those non-fundamentals are this:

  • 1. If your actions don’t inspire those around you to be more, do more and believe in themselves more; there is a good chance that you are not leading.
  • 2. If you are more focused on how you’re perceived than you are developing others and helping those around you win; you’re not leading.
  • 3. If you are unwilling to change or lead from the “my way or the highway” standpoint; you’re not leading, that’s called dictating.

Delusive leadership gets delusive results. Keep it real, care about your people and help others win. The end result will be better team members, a better organization and an overall better product for the consumer.

Share your thoughts, opinions or experiences with these Non-Fundamentals Of Leadership?

  • Scott, great points. Number one sounds like the “leader” would be lacking influence.

    And number 2 hits home the fact we shouldn’t be as concerned about ourselves as we really our. Leadership means taking a backseat and giving your team a chance to shine.

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