10 Types Of Black Preachers

Have you experienced any of these 10? Which one was the funniest to you?

  • Now that did bring back some memories.

    No 2 The Singer is a classic one because whenever the Americans came to town, that’s what they did.

    No 7 The crowd Interactionist used to drive me mad when you constantly had to repeat was being said throughout the whole sermon.

    No 8 The Fire and Brimstone was regular mate, everyone was going there, ha ha ha.

    No 9 The Dictionary one was where you always came out of church well confused and very quiet as nobody knew what the heck had just happened, ha ha ha.

    Those were the days.

  • Eunice

    They all combine to make the complete sermon:
    Start with #10 The White Guy Voice
    #9 The Dictionary
    #6 The Mathematician
    #1 The Interesting Voice
    #5 The Emotional Wreck
    #6 The Crowd Interactionist
    #4The Asthmatic
    #8 Fire and Brimstone
    #2 The Singer
    finish with #3 The Hooper

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