Learning To Expect Great Things

expect great thingsSuccess and great things come to those who expect it and those who step out and make it happen. The key to success is living from the spirit of expectancy. Do you expect great things to happen? Do you expect to succeed? Do you expect to win? Starting from a position of “Absolutely I do!” is critical to success.

Michael Jordan expected to win, make big shots and win multiple championships. LeBron James expected himself to be a superstar fresh out of high school. Steve Jobs expected Apple to be an iconic brand that would change the face of technology. The founders of Twitter expected the information machine known as Twitter to one day be a big deal and a publicly traded juggernaut. Billy Graham expected to take his crusades and the Gospel message around the world. Rick Warren expected Purpose Driven Life to give people a life of purpose. Despite the ups and downs, Tim Tebow expects great things and expects to be a great example.

Each and every success story has a tipping point where the person, organization or team expected great things to happen. That doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work hard, nor does it mean they expected the ultimate degree of success; however they simply learned to expect great things.

If we don’t expect great things to happen, there is a good chance they won’t, as we will always find ways to step into the world of the negative self-fulfilling prophecy. Conversely, if we learn to expect great things, we will find great things around the corner and will remain on the road of success. Remember success is a journey, not a destination.

Think It – See It – Believe It – Expect It…

The older I get the more I’m learning what a spirit of expectancy is all about. I’m understanding the importance of expecting great things from a Great God, I’m also understanding the importance of doing great things for a Great God.

Learn To Expect Great Things!

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