14 Things God Says About You #2014

14Each and every year people go through life seeking affirmation from people and things. These places of affirmation leave people searching, empty and lost. For those that put their faith and trust in Jesus, their source of affirmation must come from a different place. They are a new creation with a fresh perspective of how they view themselves, what they say about themselves and more importantly a different understanding of what God says about them.

If you want to be successful and have an awesome 2014, its important not to focus on what people think and say about you. Instead focus on the many superlatives that God says about who you are and who you will become.

I pray this list of 14 truths God says about you can serve as a reminder, a source of encouragement and some inspiration for you kick down the doors of success in 2014 with some unbelievable God confidence.

God believes in you… it’s time to start believing in yourself.

14 Things God Says About You
  • You have to have faith in the first place to believe what has been stated. And then you have to trust that those words are true and relevant to you. You also have to aware of the fact that you need to be forgiven and set free in order to value the offer.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  • Simple but always important reminder

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