There Is Value In Being An Underdog

underdogUnderdog – a participant in a fight, conflict, contest, or game who is not expected to win

The Oklahoma Sooners were a 17 point underdog last night against arguably one of the greatest college football teams and football coaches of all time – Alabama and Nick Saban. 17 points is the largest underdog that Bob Stoops has been since becoming the head coach at OU. Well we know how the story played out, the underdog OU beat Alabama 45-31 in one of the biggest upsets of the BCS Era. Not to mention, OU pulled off the upset with an underdog Freshman QB at the helm.

There are so many underdog stories of success and they should be motivation for everyone to keep an underdog mindset. There Is Value In Being An Underdog. With the right influences, leadership and coaching – underdogs seem to work harder, try harder and compete with “We don’t have anything to lose and everything to win mentality.” One of the major contributors to the success of an underdog is having little wins along the way and beginning to believe.

“If there’s one cultural quality we have, it’s that we always see ourselves as an underdog.” ~Bill Gates

The truth of the matter is that we all have some underdog in us from one situation or another. The key is to view your life and your situation as that of an underdog. Is life beating you down? Fight harder. Are you expected to fail? Prove them wrong. Does your boss think you don’t have what it takes? Keep working. Do you find yourself in a slump? Keep swinging. Are you having success? Prepare more and work harder because you can always get better. So you stay at the top of the mountain? Keep climbing.

Take on the mantra of the old cartoon Underdog.  “There’s no need to fear–Underdog is here!”

No Fear!

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