Are You Choosing Excellence?

excellence1Excellence – (noun) [ek-suh-luhns] The fact or state of excelling.

Often times Excellence is viewed as this moving, high-level target that only a select group of fortuitous individuals can achieve. Excellence is simply a choice, it’s choice to: study more, practice longer, take that extra step in customer service, spend the necessary time with your children, making sure the restroom in your place of business is spic and span, to say “My Pleasure” instead of saying “Pull around to the second window…”

Excellence is a choice to care more than most think you should, risk more than most are willing to risk, dream bigger than most will ever dream and think more than others are willing to think. Excellence is not about being perfect, it’s about putting the best foot forward every step of the way.

Are You Choosing Excellence?

  • Hi Scott, just got your thank you email. For some reason it went to my junk mail box.

    Anyway, that’s one hardcore view on excellence bro. I agree with it, and I think I’m choosing it but I’ve kindda scaled it down for myself. Just trying to be a little better today, at whatever, than I was yesterday. You know?

    And even this scaled down version proves difficult some days..

    Anyway, I love Jesus too. 🙂

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