What Used To Work… Is No Longer Working!

new approach

For those of you that know me, you know that I travel a lot, like a whole lot. With traveling comes a lot of learning and people watching. One thing that I have noticed is that every time I’m in an airport there is a little booth where people are trying to get you to sign up for some credit card associated with frequent flyer miles of some sort. We’ve all seen them, as people walk by they start yelling, “Hey sir or ma’am get your card, earn some miles, get a free flight…”

The problem with their “talking & yelling” approach is that no one is listening, people continue to walk by and avoid the booth says would you like to sign up for the flu or something worse. Dave Ramsey is probably delighted to see everyone walk swiftly past the airline credit card people.

I personally think they need to STOP Talking… Nobody Is Listening. They need to try a new approach. What used to work, is no longer working.

That’s the story of life, leadership, relationships, parenting, marketing, ministry and a new year. ¬†Sometimes we need to STOP Talking, Nobody is listening. Try a new approach:¬†“What Used To Work… Is No Longer Working!”

Cheers To An Awesome New Year.

  • Adonis Lenzy

    Great post my friend. I often avoid that little booth myself. Here’s to a New Year & New Approach….

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