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10 Leadership Lessons From Baker Mayfield and The Sugar Bowl

Baker Mayfield is personifying what Leadership is all about in the this short video highlighting the acceptance of his 2017 Sugar Bowl Most Outstanding Player Award. This immediately was after Sooners beat the SEC’s #2 team Auburn Tigers, only second to Nick Saban’s Dynasty at Alabama. The Sooners pretty much dominated Auburn after Auburn’s 1st possession and score. The final score was 35-19 and wasn’t really that close considering the Sooners took their foot off of the gas of their prolific offense and Auburn scored a late TD in the final seconds after many OU reserves were in the game.

Baker Mayfield was 19-28 for 296 yards, 2 touchdowns and zero turnovers against the SEC Auburn defensive juggernaut. Not no mention the countless Houdini plays where Mayfield had Auburn defenders dazed and amazed as they wondered how he could possibly escape from their relentless pursuit and “almost, but not quite good enough sack attempts.”

Baker Mayfield was the obvious Sugar Bowl Most Outstanding Player. While receiving his award, Mayfield immediately deferred to give props to his running back and career workhorse Smamaje Perine for breaking the Oklahoma Sooners All-Time rushing record once held by The Great Billy Simms.

From this video and the success of this turnaround season in which OU started off 1-2 and rolled off 10 straight wins and becoming the Big 12 and 2017 Sugar Bowl Champs. I’ve listed 10 short and quick leadership lessons from Baker Mayfield and this season.

10 Leadership Lessons From Baker Mayfield:
1. You must believe in yourself.
2. Be yourself.
3. Work hard.
4. Get better daily.
5. It’s always more about the team than it is about you.
6. Be Inspiring and someone people are excited to follow.
7. Have integrity, lead by example.
8. Tune out the naysayers.
9. Focus on the goal.
10. Produce winning results.

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