Thanks for your interest in becoming a Sponsor. is a blog that challenges you to dream BIG and think BIGGER. This blog has been around since 2007 and has evolved into becoming a popular read for pastors, worship leaders, church planters, church staff, lay leaders, social media enthusiasts and many other demographics. BigIsTheNewSmall has a great community of readers (people just like yourself) and it’s also an extension of the @ScottWilliams twitter community.

Below are some numbers to help provide some perspective as to the reach of and @ScottWilliams. It’s not about the numbers; however it’s important to remember numbers are tools, not rules… I hope these tools are helpful. Stats:
·       17,000+ Unique visitors per month
·       4,200+ Daily RSS readers
·       Alexa Rankings- Greater than the top 1% (0.837) of all websites
·       Weekly Visits 8k+  Weekly Page Views 11k+
·       Church Relevance’s Top 100 Church Blogs
·       Some stats you can’t measure, feel free to make some up.

@ScottWilliams Twitter Stats:
·       140,000+ Twitter followers
·       Twitter Grader Score- 100 (1,942 out of 13,670,736)
·       #5 on Outreach Top 100 Christian Leaders To Follow On Twitter
·       I invented the #FistBump on Twitter, that has to count for something.
·       I’ve been tweeting since March 2007… That’s a long time!

The readership, links and referrals to continue to grow exponentially, from month to month. We would love to have you, your business or non-profit organization as a BigIsTheNewSmall Sponsor.  The Sponsorship Goal is for your advertisement to be mutually beneficial to this blogging community and to your business.




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Note: For every month of sponsorship, the BIG Daddy Sponsor (300×250) will receive Bonus features, including custom flexibility for Twitter updates and a personalized blogpost specifically for that sponsor.  Multi-month discount packages include: 3 month – 10%, 6 month – 15 % and 12 month – 25%.

Sponsors will be featured randomly posted “Thank You” blogpost, which will provide links to sponsor information.



It is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide all advertising content.  Advertising content shall be in the specified dimensions of the purchased sponsorship package.

BigIsTheNewSmall is not responsible for errors in content submitted by sponsor. BigIsTheNewSmall is not responsible for any claims or liability that are a result of sponsor advertisement or content submitted.

Advertising content must be provided at least 7 days prior to beginning date of sponsorship package. BigIsTheNewSmall reserves the right to reject, deny or request changes to any sponsorship request or content submission.


Sponsorship rates are subject to change, however sponsors may secure the current available rate for additional months by signing up for one of BigIsTheNewSmall’s multi-month sponsorship discount packages.


Payment is due in advance of sponsorship package beginning, unless otherwise pre-approved by BigIsTheNewSmall. Payment method shall be check or another payment method pre-approved by BigIsTheNewSmall.

Invoice will be issued upon the securing of sponsorship package. Late payments or failure to pay may result in cancellation of sponsorship package and removal of advertising spot.  Sponsor is responsible for any remaining sponsorship agreement.


All cancellations must be requested in writing at least 14 days prior to the last day of sponsorship month or 14 days prior to the last day of sponsorship package for multi-month packages. Sponsors are liable and responsible for the entire period of agreed upon package.

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