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Rare Video: A Young Steve Jobs Giving One Of His 1st Apple Presentations In 1980

This is a great piece of history. Coincidentally, I’m typing this on my MacBook Air.

Love to get a glimpse into how he thought, processed and his wit, even early on.

How To Effectively Measure Leadership Success

success3Leadership can sometimes be tricky; and by tricky I mean difficult to evaluate the true impact of one’s leadership. Some leaders push people really hard, create an environment where individuals can’t ask questions or challenge the king and results are more important than anything else.

These leaders and leadership environments may produce results for a season, but in the long-run, morale will be negatively affected. Those employees will do just enough to meet the performance expectations and they will begin to plan their exit from that environment when the 1st lateral or better opportunity comes available.

Don’t confuse great performance with great leadership. There are plenty of organizations, environments and teams that have great performance, while the implications of the leadership is devastating to the employees. These teams are generally over-worked, under-valued, under-appreciated, stressed out, carry their work problems home and are flat out unhealthy. Great leadership produces healthy teams.

The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership is to get true and honest feedback from the team. If this feedback is filtered through an independent 3-party it’s even better.

Don’t measure success from performance alone… The best way to measure leadership success is to dig a little deeper and answer this question: “Are my team members happy, healthy, satisfied and excited to come to work everyday?”

Healthy teams are comprised of healthy people and teams of healthy people generally produce great results. Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of the leader to create an environment that fosters the type of health necessary for success.

This Is How And When God Will Open Doors For You

motion door

We have all seen and walked through the automatic motion type doors at various businesses. It’s a simple concept, the heat motion opens the door as you are walking towards the door. The challenge for those doors, is that if you are outside of the motion area the doors won’t open.

In the picture above, if you are outside of those yellow barriers, there is a good chance the door won’t open. The same thing is true for God. When it comes to God opening doors, we have to make sure that we are in His motion, in His space, His presence, connecting with Him, reading His word, communing with Him, not denying Him and doing what His word says. This allows for God to better feel our motion. In other words, our presence in His presence.

“I see what you’ve done. Now see what I’ve done. I’ve opened a door before you that no one can slam shut. You don’t have much strength, I know that; you used what you had to keep my Word. You didn’t deny me when times were rough.” Revelation 3:8 MSG

In the above scripture, God opened the door for the Philadelphians once He was able to feel their motion. It was an after effect. Let God feel your presence and feel what you’re doing in His name. He will open doors that you don’t have the strength or ability to open and no one else has the power or ability to close.

Get In God’s Motion!

Mark Cuban On How Athletes And Others Should Manage Their Brands On Social Media

Good insight and perspective in less than 2 minutes.

Looking For Success In All The Wrong Places


Some people look for success in things.

Some people look for success in their jobs.

Some people look for success in approval from their supervisor.

Some people look for success in all the wrong places.

Success truly happens when you begin looking in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror, asking the tough questions and embracing the tough answers.

What does God think about me and my perception of success?

What does my family think about me and my perception of success?

Success is illusive when you are looking in the wrong places.

Success is a more realistic chase when you look through the proper lens.

Look up to God, look in the mirror at yourself and stop looking out to others.

The Nontrepreneur

faith2There are so many entrepreneurs that never seem to get their entrepreneurial ship to set sail. They have the ideas, the vision, the story, the expertise, the ability… but they lack the faith to make it happen. Notice I didn’t say they lack the finances, the support or the opportunity. Entrepreneurs are individuals who take a series of faith steps to pursue what’s already inside of them.

Unfortunately, most people never realize their entrepreneurial dreams because they settle for being The Nontrepreneur. The Nontrepreneur has all the potential to be a successful entrepreneur but they settle for helping someone else achieve their goals  and dreams instead of pursuing their own.

To those that are stuck in chasm on Nontrepreneurism, allow that to be temporary and motivation for the entrepreneurial success that is to come. You have to chase after what is inside of you, otherwise what’s inside of you will slowly eat you up like the drippy faucet of regret. The late Steve Jobs says it this way:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~Steve Jobs

Remember, no successful entrepreneur ever jumped to the finish line of success, they all started their journey by planning, plotting and taking that single step of faith. Mr. and Mrs. Nontrepreneur it’s time that you get to stepping.

Why We Fail – Motivational Video

Some good inspiration… Good encouragement.

How To Create A Culture Of Movement and Become A Molder Of Consensus

consensus1Trying hard, working hard and managing can often times be confused with leading.  Leadership is about leading people and creating a natural movement.  Leaders lead people, managers manage things.  A leader should be in the business of creating a culture of movement, a culture of action and a culture of success.

You might ask, “How does a leader do this?”  Leaders are either innately gifted at leading or develop an ability to create buy-in to what they’re selling.  They are able to sell their leadership with a compelling vision and more importantly what’s inside of them is compelling.  Leaders don’t sit around and wait on the wind to blow or people to tell them what to do.   Leaders get things done and develop an army of people to get it done with them.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”  That is one of the most true statements about leadership, it’s not about searching for others to provide answers.  Leadership is about pointing towards a destination and walking the walk until you get there.  If you walk the walk and people believe in what you are selling they will follow you.

If you are molding a sculpture into a beautiful work of art, it takes time to shape, create and form.  The same is true for leadership, it takes time to mold, create and shape a leadership culture of success.

Stop searching for consensus and start molding consensus.

Why You Are Choosing To Fail and Failing To Admit It

fail1You are failing because you are unwilling to run after the things that God has placed in your heart. You are failing because you are settling for a job that you don’t even like. You are failing because you are settling for a relationship that you know is not God’s best. You are failing because you are putting your work over your family.

Yes, there are areas where you are choosing the letter grade of “F.”

Not only are you failing, but you are failing to admit it.

If you admit that you are failing, that would mean that you accept the fact that you have the power to do something about it. That’s a hard truth, a sobering reality and if viewed through the right lens, it’s a dose of motivation.

Stop choosing to fail and failing to admit.

3 Things To Do When Your Boss Is Intimidated By You


Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where for whatever reason your boss is intimidated by you. There are many reasons this can occur; everything from insecurity, their past, short man/woman syndrome, fear, something you said, something you did, pride and the list goes on and on. What are you supposed to do when you find yourself in this perplexing situation?

  • 1. Make Your Boss Feel Nice and Comfy: You go out of your way to submit, not to challenge, not to overshadow, overly compliment and stay behind the scenes and be as supportive as possible.
  • 2. Stand Your Ground: I’m not referring to the stand your ground gun law, I’m referring to just do what you do and how you do it best. Lead with integrity and don’t try to control or worry about your boss’ insecurity and intimidation issues. Hope and pray for a breakthrough, a change of perspective and a change for the best.
  • 3. Get To Stepping: If you’ve tried both #1 and #2 and have come to the realization that the way your boss thinks and feels about you isn’t going to change. It’s time you get to stepping. Your willingness to get to stepping may just allow you to step into an opportunity where your boss isn’t intimidated by you, welcomes your contributions and it may also be the catalyst that helps your former boss face their insecurities head on.
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