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Changing Generations As We Point Them To Jesus – Watch Me!

Watch this… Watch Me!

“Girl On Fire” – A Tribute To Mothers

Check out this tribute to mothers video that my church put together.

It will make you chuckle… enjoy!

20 Things You Need To Stop Doing… Right Now!

stopBelow is a list of 20 Things You Need To STOP Doing… Right Now!

  • 1. Stop placing your job above your family.
  • 2. Stop doubting yourself.
  • 3. Stop believing the lies.
  • 4. Stop settling for second best.
  • 5. Stop procrastinating.
  • 6. Stop making excuses.
  • 7. Stop standing paralyzed in awe of the success of others.
  • 8. Stop tippy-toeing on that line of sin.
  • 9. Stop being consumed with what other people think.
  • 10. Stop waiting until tomorrow to do the things you can do today.
  • 11. Stop limiting your dreams. Dream BIG!
  • 12. Stop treating people how you don’t want to be treated.
  • 13. Stop worrying about what people think.
  • 14. Stop being quiet when you know your supposed to speak up.
  • 15. Stop trying to fit in, you were made to stand out.
  • 16. Stop focusing on others. Look in the mirror!
  • 17. Stop asking for permission.
  • 18. Stop giving the least to those that matter the most.
  • 19. Stop being scared of failure.
  • 20. Stop saying “I Can’t!” – Remember: Can’t never could!

Share your thoughts on any of these 20 and feel free to add more to the list.

Guy Finds Out He’s Black At The Age Of 13

This video is not only hilarious, there are some deep story lines as well.

Watch and share what stands out to you.

Cutting Down Ministry Trees With Dull Axes

I have worked with and talked with countless ministries, Senior Pastors and staff teams from around the world. Every one of these groups have a desire to grow, a desire to be efficient and a desire to be productive. Every ministry tries different strategies to foster growth, efficiency and productivity. The most over-looked strategy to propel growth, efficiency and productivity is “time off and rest.”

In all seriousness, Sr. Pastors should try to find themselves in the sweet spot of preaching between 35-40 weekends per year (no more.) If they are preaching more than that, they probably aren’t raising up any other leaders/teachers, they probably don’t have adequate relationships with other Sr. Pastors, they are probably stifling the organizational growth culture and they are setting themselves up for burnout and failure. In addition to time off, an appropriate sabbatical policy should also be in the mix as well.

When it comes to the staff, some cultures only allow staff to take off 2 ministry weekends a year. Seriously, that is absolutely ludicrous if the ministry truly desires to grow, while increasing efficiency and productivity. The staff need to rest and there is not a staff member on the planet that is so important that they can’t take more than two weekends off. If they are perceived to be that important, they probably aren’t leading because they should be able to raise other leaders up to keep the ship going in their absence. Staff should take off no less than 4-6 weekends a year and ideally 2 of those weekends should be back to back. You must know your culture and know your rhythms.

The same thing is true for high capacity volunteers, especially those that volunteer multiple services and in multiple ministries. These individuals generally have demanding full-time jobs and need to rest, rejuvenate and recuperate, in order to increase their productivity. It’s up to the staff and ministry leaders to know the various rhythms and be in tune with when to encourage and sometimes demand volunteers take some time-off.

If you want to grow, be productive and efficient, you must schedule time to rest, time to refresh, time to energize and time to do absolutely nothing. Stephen Covey refers to this as sharpening your axe. He tells the story of someone so busy cutting down trees that they don’t take time to stop and sharpen their axe. The person who takes the time to sharpen their axe will cut down more trees. Some ministry staff, Sr. Pastors and volunteers are cutting down ministry trees with dull axes.

Sometimes the most important times to take off and rest is when it’s the craziest and the furious ministry storms are coming at you 100 mph.

23Then he got into the boat and his disciples followed him. 24Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. 25The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!” 26He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. 27The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!” Matthew 8:24-27

What kind of man is this? He is “Jesus” the kind of man that took time to rest. Just as Jesus said to his disciples, I will say to ministry leaders “The reason you and your staff are not taking time off is because you are of little faith, you have so little faith that you don’t think the ship can float with out you or your team guiding the ship.” Get some rest, have some faith and watch how smooth your ministry ship will sail. Sailing to the shores of efficiency, productivity, growth and a bonus island called “health.”

What do you think? Share your thoughts and experiences. 

15 Life Lessons From Lions, Buffaloes and Crocodiles

If you have not seen this video yet, it’s definitely worth 8 minutes of your day. There are so many powerful story lines in this video…

Below are 15 Life Lessons From Lions, Buffaloes and Crocodiles

  • 1. The importance of family
  • 2. What can happen when mom and dad aren’t around
  • 3. When times get rough haters come out of the woodwork
  • 4. Sin is crouching at your door, small groups and community can help
  • 5. Don’t give up
  • 6. The crocodiles come out at the smell of blood
  • 7. If you believe you can take out a lion you can
  • 8. Do what you can with your armor
  • 9. You may not realize it but people are watching your life story
  • 10. Be careful where you walk
  • 11. A few bites and wounds won’t kill you
  • 12. Stand up and go home
  • 13. Some people are trying to drag you down and they are really dragging you to safety
  • 14. Sometimes you have to go and get your homies to help
  • 15. The King Of The Jungle is a state of mind

Those are some of my story lines… What do you think? Share your observations and story lines.

Don’t Take Life’s Moments For Granted

I’m sitting on the balcony of my beach front hotel located in Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii. My family and are enjoying some awesome time together on Spring Break. One thing I love about spending time with my family is the ability to share in special moments and create special memories.

To be honest with you Hawaii is a major blessing to experience with my family, what’s more awesome are Life’s Little Moments. Whether it’s the people watching that we do, the singing on my son’s iPhone via “The Voice” app, the goofy moments, the moments of sibling rivalry, the moments of rest, the moments of over-indulgence in food, the moments of experiencing nature, experiencing God’s goodness… Simple moments of laughing, living & loving.

My wife and I recently had one of those moments when we realized that we only have 4 years left after this year until Wesley graduates. It was surreal, it was awesome, it was sad and exciting all at the same time. It just reinforced the importance of enjoying life’s moments and a reminder of this, “Don’t Take Life’s Moments For Granted.”

Whether you are on the beach, at church, in your backyard, at the piano recital, at school, at the dinner table, driving down the road, cooking breakfast, praying, at sporting events, having the difficult conversations, watching television, or simply participating in the life moments of your day… “Don’t Take Life’s Moments For Granted.”

That’s it for now, my family and I are getting ready to go to the gym. Talking about creating a moment, this will definitely be a moment for me, because uhh “I don’t workout.” 🙂

Slow Down!

Sometimes you get stuck in traffic, catch a cold, come down with the flu, miss an exit, get pulled over by the police, forget something at home, get a headache, get caught up in a long conversation, get stuck at an extended traffic light, miss your flight… No matter the impediment, they are all what I call the speed bumps of life.

Life’s Not A Race, It’s a journey, embrace the speed bumps and Slow Down!

Thanksgiving Is All About “Stressed” Flipped Backwards

Dessert is defined as: A sweet course, treat or dish; served after the main course.

As I was thinking about the holiday season and all of the desserts so many of us are going to consume; I was reminded of how dessert applies to our lives.  It’s the sweet course or treat after life’s main courses. e.g.

  • Main Course- Attending College  Dessert-  Obtaining Degree.
  • Main Course- Becoming A Leader  Dessert- Lessons Learned/Taught & Leaders Developed
  • Main Course- Tithe and give generously  Dessert- The floodgates of blessings
  • Main Course- Struggles of life, darkness, insecurity, sin…  Dessert-  Truth, life, grace and forgiveness through Christ.

It’s essential for us to always be mindful and thankful that even though the “main courses in life” may not always taste great or be our favorite dish, there is always opportunity for dessert. Remember you also have the freedom of choice as it pertains to what you consume, nonetheless always be thankful.  “We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.” ~Harry Ironside

Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t be stressed; instead take stressed and flip it backwards.

The Desserts of Life.

For those that still may not understand the title of this post…  spell stressed backwards. 🙂

Thanksgiving is really not only about the dessert; however it’s sure a nice finality to the time with food, family and friends.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s your favorite dessert?

The Greatest Challenge Facing Fast Growing Churches

Here is my #Nines2012 Video relating to the Greatest Challenge Facing Fast Growing Churches.

Share your thoughts…

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