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Fire Up The Grill… 10 Either/Or Grillin' Questions

grillMemorial Day is one of the official grillin’ holidays.  It’s one of those great Mondays that we not only get to reflect and pay respect to those who have served and are currently serving to protect our freedom… but we get to fire up the grill and have left-overs for days. 

Everyone has their own philosophy when it comes to grillin’ or smokin’ meats, what to cook, how to season the meat, the type of grill etc… so I figured we would talk grillin’ this Memorial Day Monday.  Here are 10  Either/or  Grillin’ Questions:  Share your thoughts on any of the questions below or add additional answers, if your personal choice is not provided.

  1. Beef Hotdogs / All-Meat Hotdogs / No Hotdogs at all  (Me: Beef Hotdogs)
  2. Steaks / Brisket / Pork Ribs / Beef Ribs / Pork Chops / Other (Me: I don’t eat pork, I’m down w/ Steaks, Brisket & beef Ribs)
  3. Bratwurst / Polish Sausage / Hotlinks / Other (Me: Hotlinks)
  4. Kabobs / Fresh Corn / Other (Me: Fresh Corn)
  5. Turkey / Chicken / Deer / Hamburgers / Buffalo Burgers / Other (Me: Hamburgers)
  6. Gas Grill / Smoker / Charcoal / Charcoal & Woodchips / Other (Me: Charcoal & hardwood coals added)
  7. Deviled Eggs / Potato Salad / Cole Slaw / Green Beans / Other (Me: Deviled Eggs & Potatoe Salad)
  8. Baked Beans with Brisket / Baked Beans with Ground Beef / Baked Beans Plain (Me: Baked Beans w/ Brisket or Ground Beef)
  9. Marinade / Rub / Just Sprinkle (Me: Marinade and Sprinkle)
  10. Well-Done / Medium-Well / Medium / Rare… I mean bloody (Me: Well-Done I Don’t Mess Around)
  11. Bonus: Go to Someones House / Do It Yourself (Me: Do it myself & I eat mayo. on everything: burgers, dogs, links…)

Share your thoughts on any of these grillin’ questions.  Share any recipes, secrets, thoughts or grillin’ philosophies. 

Happy Memorial Day!

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