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Friday 5 (Top 5 Twitter Links 1-22) #F5

5I run across some amazing re-tweets and Twitter links throughout the week.  I thought it would be a great idea to compile a simple Top 5 List.  The list will consist of  the Top 5 Twitter Links that I have ran across.  Feel free to @reply  or DM me links to be featured throughout the week, simply use hashtag #F5.

There are many amazing links out there in the Twitterworld.  This will be a place to check my Friday 5, in addition to sharing your favorite Twitter links of the week (No more than 5).

Friday 5 (Top 5 Twitter Links 1-22)

  1. Most Retweeted users of all timeA comprehensive list of the most retweeted twitter users of all time.
  2. 20 Retweetable Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes #MLK– A nice compiled list of #MLK Quotes all in 120 Characters or less.
  3. Twitter Archives– Simple tool that allows you to access your old tweets from a year ago or longer depending on how much you tweet. Great Tool!
  4. Twitter: 5 Key Business Studies–  This post takes a look at the impact and interaction of Twitter with 5 different companies.
  5. Bill Gates Surpasses 100K Twitter Followers in 8 hours– This link is self-explanatory.  New Record, Good Story!

That’s my Friday 5…  Share your thoughts on any of these links or share your own links below.  (5 or Less)

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