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4 Ways To Get Your Ideas To Spread by Seth Godin

Great thoughts on getting your ideas to spread.

10 Great Leadership Lessons From Tim Duncan’s Career

tim2Well the NBA Finals wrapped up with the team with the best record in the NBA hoisting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Yes, the San Antonio Spurs are the 2014 NBA champions after missing the opportunity to win their 5th title last year, they seized the moment this year. Even though the #Spurs had the best record and best coach in the NBA, this championship is unlikely because everyone including them Heat had pretty much crowned themselves as the 2014 NBA Champions, a 3-Peat and LeBron on NBA’s Mt. Rushmore before the season even started. Not so fast my friend, the Spurs are the new Sheriff in town. Well they are the old Sheriff thats back in town.

The Spurs were led by a cast of awesome players that know how to play team basketball. They are truly a team where night in and night out a different team member shows up. As a matter of fact most people had never heard of the man of the Spurs players including finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, especially before the last couple of games. To this day only a few people can even spell his name correctly. Uhh Kuh-why?

Not only did the Spurs have a great team but they were smarter, more disciplined and better coached than any other team in the NBA. The Spurs were lead by the veteran of all veterans, Tim Duncan. Duncan will go down as one of the greatest NBA Superstars ever. Duncan now has the most playoff games and double-doubles of any player in NBA history. Duncan is a SuperStar who shined bright like a diamond while staying outside of the spotlight. Speaking of diamonds and spotlights King James tried to shine but his teammates didn’t help him sparkle. As a result, can we please not talk about the #Heat #LeBron #Bulls and #Jordan in the same sentence for a long time. Like ever!

We can talk about Tim Duncan, not only can we talk about him, there is a lot to learn about life and leadership from him and his career.

10 Great Leadership Lessons From Tim Duncan’s Career.

  • 1. Substance Over Style – “The Big Fundamental” Looking good is great, performing great is better. Duncan doesn’t win the style contest, but he is a straight up winner.
  • 2. Greatness Is Appreciated More When It’s Gone – Tim Duncan’s Game, Career and Place in history won’t be appreciated until he’s retired and gone.
  • 3. Great Leaders Know When To Defer – Duncan has admittedly turned the team over to Tony Parker, which has extended his career and allowed him to continue his greatness. It looks like he may be turning it over to Mr. About His Business Kawhi Leonard real soon.
  • 4. You Can’t Care What People Think – Duncan doesn’t get the commercials, the shoes, the endorsements… He just gets the trophies. Duncan could care less what people think about his personality or lack there of, all he does is win.
  • 5. Classy over Sassy – Tim Duncan is one of the classiest players in the NBA. It’s hard not to like classy… when in doubt, keep it classy.
  • 6. Quietly Be The Best At What You Do – Tim Duncan will quietly go down as one of the best power forwards to ever play the game. Period, the end.
  • 7. Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last – Nice guys finish wherever they want to finish, Duncan is nice and he doesn’t finish last. 🙂
  • 8. Get Better With Age – Just like a fine wine, they say some things get better with age, great leaders get better, lead better, play better and make better decisions with age. Duncan seems to get better the older that he gets.
  • 9. Know How To Lead Up – Duncan plays for a tough coach and he’s one of the few players that knows how to lead up, talk to Popovich, how to handle him in the media and how to lead up. There is an art to leading up and Duncan figured it out.
  • 10. Make Those Around You Better – Duncan makes his teammates, his coach, his city, his community and the NBA better.


Great Business Tool To Create Online Surveys and More

surveysI thought I’d share a key tool for my business and personal brand. There is no way around it, every business needs some type of online survey tool. There are some good online survey tools out there including: Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, PollDaddy and my personal favorite Fluid Surveys. What I like about Fluid Surveys is it’s simple, intuitive, mobile friendly and easy to build custom surveys.

Seriously it’s easiest way to build, distribute & analyze online surveys, forms, questionnaires & polls. There’s nothing to download, no coding or programming knowledge required… just open your browser and go. It has been the perfect solution for our customer satisfaction surveys, end of the year blog reader surveys, market research and various types of questionnaires. You can use it for anything. The analysis, charting and break down of results is awesome and looks great, you can easily display the results in your keynote or powerpoint presentations.

If you have not checked them out and are in need of a solution, I encourage you to do so. They even have a free options available. Click here for more details.

A Successful Leadership Culture Goes Beyond The Numbers

Leadership success seems to be relatively easy to measure. You look at the numbers, the success, the growth and the bottom line. Those items are half of the equation; however there is another equally important half to the leadership success equation.

If we focus so much on the numbers and bottom line, we can lose focus of the other half of the equation: healthy culture, healthy work environment, healthy people and an environment free from dictator control.

Dictators can have great numbers, great bottom lines and an appearance of success; while their culture is crumbling all around them. Numbers don’t equal success, numbers are only a piece of success. Over the years I’ve heard people say things like, “I know it had an appearance of success, but that place was a crazy place to work… so and so was a dictator etc.” Those are often the places where constant turnover are just par for the course.

The reality is you can have great numbers and a great bottom line, while simultaneously having a great quality of work life, a healthy work environment and an awesome leadership culture. Numbers, productivity and healthy environments are not mutually exclusive.

Since we are talking numbers and culture, according to CNN Money the #1 Search Engine Giant “Google” has also been named as the #1 Best Company To Work For on the list of 100 Best Companies To Work For.

What makes Google so great?

  • The Numbers: Everything was up at Google last year – revenue, profits, share price, paid search clicks, hiring…
  • The Culture: Employee love, health and culture were also up, as the search giant climbed three slots to the top slot for Best Companies To Work For.

Google’s True Bottom Line: Employees rave about their mission, the culture, and the famous perks of the work complex: bocce courts, a bowling alley, eyebrow shaping (for a fee) in the New York office. Then there’s the food: some 25 cafes company-wide, all gratis.

You don’t have to have bowling alley’s, free eyebrow arching etc.; however it’s important that every organization try to understand that A Successful Leadership Culture Goes Beyond The Numbers.

Share your thoughts and experiences.

Top 10 Most Searched Words In 2012

Words, Words, Words… According to Google, here are the most searched words or terms in 2012.

  • 1. Whitney Houston
  • 2. Hurricane Sandy
  • 3. Election 2012
  • 4. Hunger Games
  • 5. Jeremy Lin
  • 6. Olympics 2012
  • 7. Amanda Todd
  • 8. Gangnam Style
  • 9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  • 10. Kony 2012

Thoughts? Any surprises on or off the list for you?

Why Social Media Is The New Better Business Bureau

For those of you who are at-least 30 years of age, you probably have heard of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Those under 30 may or may not have heard of this organization. There are BBB’s all around the country that gather and report information on business reliability, alert the public to frauds against consumers and businesses, provide information on ethical business practices, and act as mutually trusted intermediaries between consumers and businesses to resolve disputes.

When I was growing up, I would hear people use the threat of, “I’m going to report you to the Better Business Bureau” if a company or business was doing something shady or provided horrendous customer service.  I remember using it as a college student and over the years I began to notice that the threat of reporting something to the Better Business Bureau appeared to have less and less sting.

Consumers moved to the: “I’m going to email the corporate headquarters” of an organization.  They would simply send enough emails to make sure someone at the top hears their complaint.  The e-mail route became the most effective and efficient way for consumers to share their complaints.

The consumer complaint system has moved from the BBB to E-Mail to the current complaint and praise method we have come to know as Social Media.  If consumers have complaints they will simply blog about it, tweet about or post it to their Facebook page. Often times these complaints will occur while the consumer is still inside the business or when the hit the parking lot. The bad thing for businesses is the fact that those complaints don’t go away and as matter of fact they have a lasting impression and potential to go viral.

Consumers are talking about the good, bad and ugly of businesses or brands.  Not only are they talking but their friends and followers are listening. Research shows that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, compared to only 14% trust advertisements.

This new reality makes it paramount for businesses to have a Social Media presence and a knowledgeable person handling their Social Brand. Read this post for my thoughts about Businesses Without A Social Media Presence.

Social Media Is The New Better Business Bureau.

Do you share your complaints about businesses or brands via Social Media?  Share your thoughts on Social Media Being The New Better Business Bureau.

10 Reasons Bloggers Quit

I have been reading blogs and writing this blog for quite some time now, around 5 years to be exact. I have seen lots of trends in the world of blogging during those 5 years.

One of the more copious trends is individuals who set out in a furious sprint to be an avid blogger, only to find their blog desire come to a screeching halt.  As a matter of fact probably 50% of the bloggers that are featured on my blogroll probably have not updated in well over a month and many have forgotten about their blog altogether.

Many Blogger Start… Only Few Finish!  

10 Reasons Bloggers Quit

  • 1. Don’t have the right motivation to start a blog: Often times bloggers want to be the next Seth Godin or have so many people read their blog it crashes servers.  That’s definitely a motivation; however a great place to start from as it relates to motivation is simply this – write because you have something to share and you want to share it… period.  Ask: What’s my motivation?
  • 2. Don’t realize the commitment: The commitment that it takes to whip out consistent content is often times overlooked.  Just as sure as the next calendar day is coming, so is the commitment to write another blogpost.  Having the commitment to produce consistent content is key.  A blog is like a newspaper and if you expect it to be delivered daily and all of the sudden it’s not… you will start reading another newspaper.  Same things is true for a blog.  Ask: Am I committed to this?
  • 3. Don’t take the time to develop a strategy: Strategy is very important, how, when, why etc.  Abraham Lincoln says is this way, “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 6 hours sharpening my ax.” Ask: Do I have a blogging strategy for success?
  • 4. No one is reading:  It takes the right motivation, commitment, consistency, strategy, good content & patience before people will start reading.  There are some overnight success blog stories, but most success is a result of bloggers grinding it out.  Ask: Am I willing to write even if no one is reading?
  • 5. Nothing To Write About: Bloggers will quickly lose motivation as they lose creativity and inspiration.  What once started as a great place to share creativity, turns into an “Oh no, I don’t have anything to write about.”  This is where a strategy for the what and how to write will be helpful.  It’s important that bloggers find sources for inspiration and push threw the periods of creative blocks.  Even if you don’t have anything to write, write something, it’s the consistent act of writing that’s helpful.  Ask: Am I going to be intentional to seek out places for consistent inspiration & motivation?
  • 6. Not willing to learn: Every blogger has their own style and rhythm; however it’s important from bloggers to learn from other bloggers.  Bloggers could address every concern in this post if they would simply learn from others who are a few steps ahead of them.  Do you have a photography blog, make it a consistent point to read some of the best photography blogs in the world.  Need some inspiration or want to learn from one of the best bloggers there is, read Seth Godin’s blog.  Simply put, bloggers give up because they are not learning from the bloggers that finish strong.  Ask: Am I willing to learn from other bloggers?
  • 7. Lack Of Discipline: Discipline is defined as activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill.  Most bloggers simply lack the discipline to make it work over a period of time.  Ask:Am I gonna put in the work over time to create discipline?
  • 8. Lack Of Comments: Often times bloggers confuse comments with the degree of engagement.  There is sometimes a positive correlation between readers and comments; however over the years I have come to realize that some of my more popular posts didn’t necessarily always have the most comments, as a matter of fact on average you get about 1 comment per 100 readers.  Some bloggers have created communities that can drastically skew that number either way.I believe the Twitter Effect On Blogging has impacted comments overall.  Bloggers must be willing to write even though no one is commenting and try the 10 Techniques To Get More comments On Your Blog. Ask: Will I still write even though no one is commenting?
  • 9. Don’t Want To Invest The Time: Blogging is a serious time commitment and most people do not want to invest the time necessary for the blog to be successful.  Michael Hyatt outlines a very detailed post on How To Write A BlogPost In 70 Minutes Or Less. That may seem like  a lot of time, if you want to be good, you will have to invest some time.  Ask:  Am I willing to invest the necessary time needed for my blog to be successful?
  • 10. The Time Has Come: I believe that there is a time for everything, including a time to start and a time to finish.  Sometimes bloggers need to be intellectual honest and admit that their blog season has run it’s course.  It’s okay to just move on. Ask: Has my blog season come to an end?

Don’t simply start the race… Finish!

Why do you think Many Bloggers Start,  Only Few Finish?  Share your thoughts and experiences of bloggers not finishing the race.

10 Reasons Why Kodak, Blackberry, Yahoo & Other Major Brands Fail

The announcement of Kodak going bankrupt was a shocker.  Not a shocker because you couldn’t see it coming, but a shocker because yet another once iconic, innovative brand is on life support.  This has been a work in progress for quite some time, as there were front-page newspaper articles in the late 1990’s showing that Kodak had to lay off 10,000 employees. (Writing on the wall)

There are definite reasons why these companies are dying and those same reasons contributed to the failure of other predeceased brands.  American Airlines – Bankrupt, Yahoo – Up for Sale, RIM Blackberry – Stick A Fork In Em’ and Sears is closing stores around the country.  The list of these major brands that will soon be a part of the history books continues to increase.

How can these brands find themselves in the grips of extinction?  The same way that you, your organization, church, non-profit or name your favorite brand can end up in the same place.  You should see a developing theme as most are in the same vein.

10 Reasons Why Kodak, Blackberry, Yahoo & Other Major Brands Fail

  • 1. Inability to Innovate – Unable to produce new, noteworthy and fruit producing ideas.
  • 2. Inability to Stay Ahead of The Times – Only look at the here and now, no forward thinking.
  • 3. No Adjustments – Not adjusting to the market place or technology of competitors.
  • 4. Uncle Rico Syndrome – Just like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite was living off of his 1983 successes, many brands are living off of yesterday’s wins.
  • 5. The Top Stays The Same – Unwillingness to change the key leadership players (especially in upper management).
  • 6. Inbred Syndrome – Only hire from within and unwilling to bring outside folks with fresh eyes and fresh perspectives into the fold.
  • 7. Reluctance to Take Risks – Playing it safe for a prolonged a period of time can be detrimental.  Most brand success stories have many instances of taking risks.
  • 8. Refuse to Surround Themselves With and Retain The Best – Letting key players leave without creating opportunities for them to stay.  Some of the best innovations from high profile brands come from key players that were acquired from another brand.
  • 9. Unwillingness To Change – They simply want things to be the way that they used to be.
  • Inser Your Reason Of Choice 
This could have been the #1 Reason Why Brands Fail – Unwilling to change, adapt and stay ahead of the curve.  As my buddy @v_deas from says “Fly Or Die.”
Share your thoughts on why brands fail.  Add to the list.

The Best Leaders Surround Themselves With The Best

I’ve always been intrigued by leaders, coaches and teams that use the phrase “Surrounded By The Best!” You would think this would be an obvious or natural response for all leaders “I Want To Be Surrounded By The Best!”  The reality is that many leaders desire to be the best and surround themselves with mediocrity.

The word best is an illusive term; however it’s defined as — being of the highest quality, excellence, the best work, desirable etc. With that definition in mind, a leader should always strive for the best. It’s also important for leaders to understand that they are ultimately responsible for developing their team to be the best.

If you look at sports teams that have a tradition of winning and being the best, you will find a head coach that surrounds himself with the best assistant coaches in the business.  You will also find a program where everyone in the country is trying to recruit and hire those assistant coaches.  Why? It’s simple, just as the definition states: they are high quality, desirable and the best.

I remember visiting with an executive level leader of an organization and he was talking about his senior leader’s philosophy as it relates to their leadership team.  His senior leader has a desire to be surrounded by the best and said it this way, “I want guys on my team who are high capacity, high quality, I want the best.  I want guys on my team whose phone rings from people outside of our organization.  I want the guys that other guys want.”

I shared a post early this over a year ago titled — The Best Leader that outlines OU Head Football Coach Bob Stoops’ leadership and the sending out of 7 head coaches in the last 7 years.  As I look at the current College Football AP Poll, I notice that Bob Stoops has 1 Coach that was under his leadership tutelage in the top 10 and himself: Bo Pelini (#10 Nebraska) and Bob Stoops himself (#1 Oklahoma).

If you want to be Surrounded By The Best, you must embrace these three things:

  • 1. It’s your responsibility to develop your team and give them opportunities to be the best. (Even though Oklahoma doesn’t win every national championship, Stoops has had them in a position to win it, year after year.  The best leaders maximize the potential of those they lead…  they put their people in the best position to win.)
  • 2. You have to give those that are “The Best” room to fly, dream big and try new things. (Learn from Google (The Best Search Engine allows employees to spend twenty percent of their time to work on their own project, independent of their workgroup. Google believes that no one should leave in order to pursue their personal passions. Letting employees do this results in over twenty percent of Google’s new product launches has stemmed from these personal projects.  There can and should be a marriage between “High Capacity” talent and great organizations; they are not mutually exclusive.)
  • 3. You must openly embrace that best will not only be sought after, but sometimes the best will leave and take those best practices other places. (7 Division-1 Head Coaches in 7 years & don’t forget about the ESPN All Access to the Sooner program that aired a couple days ago and part 2 tonight.)

Anyone can be the best with hard work, commitment, dedication, learning, leading and having the willingness to be Surrounded By The Best.  dream BIG. think BIGGER.

Share your thoughts on Surrounded By The Best.

Church Diversity only $4.99 for 72hrs

First of all I want to thank everyone who has supported the Church Diversity movement by either purchasing a copy of the book or sharing the message in their sphere of influence.  As I travel around the country and share the message I’m constantly amazed at how ready the Body of Christ is to receive the message.  There are churches that are taking their entire congregation through the book, small groups and individuals just like you and I that desire to see a little “Heaven on Earth.”

Again, the message is being very well received and I simply want to say, “Thank You.”  My publishing New Leaf Publishing Group is offering Church Diversity: Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week for only $4.99 for 72 hours.  This promo is going out to those of you who are a part of the and communities.

Church Diversity will be available for purchase in Kindle, Nook, iBook, Sony Reader or PDF formats for only $4.99 from Purchasers can also request a complimentary copy be sent to their pastor.  That’s right for the next 72 hours you and your friends can purchase a digital copy of Church Diversity for only $4.99 (right here) and a complimentary copy be sent to your pastor.  That’s like a double deal. 🙂

Thanks again for your support, please share this within your social media circles.  Did I just type circles?  Must be thinking about Google+, just when I thought Facebook and Twitter were enough.

#FistBump & Thanks for your support…  We are just getting started!

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