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Dangerous Church (Main Session): “Three Point Play”  Three Random Bullet Points

Ed Stetzer: Lifeway Research

  • Sexual Brokenness must be addressed: Churches that thrive will learn how to address sexual issues: homosexuality, marriage, porn…   Who would have thought that the complaints and protests prior to the inauguration in regards to prayer delivery would be about a Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren and not gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson.
  • The Dangerous Church will learn to wade through the post-seeker movement; by finding new ways to reach people around the world, partner with other churches and more clearly define the term evangelical.
  • Can women be pastors?  The Dangerous Church will appropriately and scripturally wrestle through this issue.   65% of the young unchurched feel that if a church didn’t include women in their ordination it would negatively their opinion of the church.

Nancy Ortberg: TeamWorx2

  • Innovation is not a soundbite, a gimmick, or a stroke of luck… It’s about the Gospel that transforms people.
  • Collaboration is extremely important… It’s insisting that everyone shows up with their ideas; not simply telling people or teams to go do (blank).  You have to ask questions as a leader: Favorite question as a leader: “I don’t know what do you think?” Leadership is more about managing tensions than solving problems.  As you are solving problems you have to be willing to take risks and fail’ risk and failure are kissing cousins.  Great preachers don’t come without a list of bad sermons and great leaders don’t come without confidence and a list of risks and failures.
  • There is a tension with Infrastructure v. Innovation and Passion v. Humility.  God has wired some people to be rockstars and some to be turtles a great leader will recognize gifts and activate them.  A great leader will also hire people better, brighter and smarter than themselves and not be threatened by them (check their ego at the door).  There is something magic about being on a team that is wired to do what God has called them to do!

Bob Roberts: North Wood Church

  • God is exploding all over the world…just not here.  We need to catch up with the rest of the world and truly live out The Great Commission… Go make disciples of all nations.  We need to be missional and realize that it’s more than a few mission projects of feeding the poor.  Chances are…Where hell is breaking loose God is already there.
  • Some of the greatest Christians leaders are emerging in the world right now and they are not in America.
  • You self centered, scum bag, money hoarding, non fulfiller of the great commission you…

John Bishop: Living Hope Church

  • Oh we don’t count people. Really?  Do you count your offering?  I guess money counts and people don’t.  We see people as a tool and not a part of God’s story… Reach people because they will spend eternity somewhere.  Give people the Truth, that’s what they want; they don’t want some candy-coated version of the Gospel.
  • Some of the silly methods that we use in church are often not necesarily to reach people; as much as they are to stroke our egos.   Ask yourself the question:  If our church ceased to exist, would it even matter?
  • “The Church” We need to be less about competing with each other and more about celebrating each others wins.

Do any of these points or thoughts resonate with you?  Share your thoughts!

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