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Surrounded By Best (A Key To Leadership)

I’ve always been intrigued by leaders, coaches and teams that use the phrase “Surrounded By The Best!” You would think this would be an obvious or natural response for all leaders “I Want To Be Surrounded By The Best!”  The reality is that many leaders desire to be the best and surround themselves with mediocrity.

The word best is an illusive term; however it’s defined as — being of the highest quality, excellence, the best work, desirable etc. With that definition in mind, a leader should always strive for the best.  It’s also important for leaders to understand that they are ultimately responsible for developing their team to be the best.

If you look at sports teams that have a tradition of winning and being the best, you will find a head coach that surrounds himself with the best assistant coaches in the business.  You will also find a program where everyone in the country is trying to recruit and hire those assistant coaches.  Why?  It’s simple, they are high quality, desirable and the best.

I was visiting with an executive level leader last week and he was talking about his senior leaders philosophy as it relates their leadership team.  His senior leader said this, “I want guys on my team who are high capacity, high quality, I want the best.  I want guys on my team whose phone rings from people outside of our organization.  I want the guys that other guys want.”  I shared a post early this over a year ago titled — The Best Leader that outlines OU Head Football Coach Bob Stoops’ leadership and the sending out of 6 head coaches in the last 6 years.  As I look at the current College Football AP Poll, I notice that Bob Stoops has 3 Coaches that were under his leadership tutelage in the top 10: Mike Stoops (#9 Arizona), Bo Pelini (#7 Nebraska) and Bob Stoops himself (#6 Oklahoma).

If you want to be Surrounded By The Best, you must embrace these three things:

  1. It’s your responsibility to develop your team and give them opportunities to be the best.
  2. You have to give those that are “The Best” room to fly, dream big and try new things.
  3. You must openly embrace that best will not only be sought after, but sometimes the best will leave and take those best practices other places.

Anyone can be the best with hard work, commitment, dedication, learning, leading and having the willingness to be Surrounded By The Best.  dream BIG. think BIGGER.

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