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The Evolution Of Hip Hop Dancing – Featuring Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon

Funny! Will Smith is forever cool and pretty funny, Jimmy Fallon is funny. This video is cool and funny.

10 Types Of Black Preachers

Have you experienced any of these 10? Which one was the funniest to you?

Win A FREE Copy Of MichaelJrComedy’s “Laughing On Purpose” DVD

The trailer above is just a short clip of the comedy special that my man @MichaelJrComedy filmed at Gateway Church. Let me first say this, Michael, last name Jr. is a friend of mine, he’s the real deal, a great man of God and he just happens to be hilarious. Secondly, let me say that his comedy makes my entire family laugh, my kids were 8 and 12 when they saw him for the 1st time and not only were they cracking up but the content was perfect for them.

That’s what makes him so great is his unique ability to connect with the entire family, any race, any background, any situation and make them laugh, all while keeping it clean. Recently my 5th grade son Jayden was telling me about an interaction that he had with a girl that he has a mutual liking with at school, He said “She looked at me and gave me the lizard look face.” LOL If you don’t know what the “Lizard Look Face” is, you will have to get a copy of Michael Jr’s “Laughing On Purpose” DVD Special.

MichaelJr’s “Laughing On Purpose” DVD is rightfully titled, because it’s comedy with a purpose. The major bonus to anything that MichaelJr does is the fact that there is always a message, a purpose and something meaningful to walk away with. MichaelJr has a comedic gift and he freely gives it away to people in homeless shelters, prisons, youth facilities and countless under-served groups.

“A gift isn’t a gift until you give it away.” ~@MichaelJrComedy

With multiple appearances on late night television, such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, Willow Creek Leadership Sumit, Bishop TD Jakes MegaFest and almost every large comedian church or event in the country, my man Michael Jr. has definitely made a name for himself. His family-focused, laid-back style is pure comic genius, and “Laughing On Purpose” first solo comedy special on DVD.

“Laughing On Purpose” is an outstanding comedy concert was filmed at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. Michael’s brilliant comedy is matched by high production values, with a project that was filmed in an excellent venue with a warmly appreciative, engaged audience. It’s now available for purchase at Wal-Mart. (that’s when you know that you are big-time) If you buy it at Wal-Mart go through the self-checkout line because those other lines are way too long. (Wal-Mart hire some more cashiers, now, please)


I have 3 Copies of “Laughing on Purpose” that I will be giving away randomly and winning is very simple, as a matter of fact it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

Winning is easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  • 1. Follow @MichaelJrComedy on Twitter (If you are already following him, thanks for being an over-achiever)
  • 2. Go to @MichaelJrComedy’s Facebook page here and like it. (If you already like his page, thanks you’re an over-achiever
  • 3. Re-Tweet my tweet about winning a copy of the “Laughing On Purpose” DVD (BTW- I’m @scottwilliams).  Here is the tweet to copy and paste, or you can simply find @scottwilliams on twitter and re-tweet it.  “Win A FREE Copy of @MichaelJrComedy’s “Laughing On Purpose” DVD  (you can add a little flavor to your tweet, or re-tweet just make sure I’m copied and it has the above info.)
  • Note: Winners will be selected from random tweets and those who complete steps 1-2-3

Thanks and if you don’t win go buy it at Wal-Mart, good luck on finding a short check-out line.


The Hypocrite

THE HYPOCRITE from People's Church on Vimeo.

Here is a teaser video for the final week of the LifeSuckers Series @peopleschurchtv. This series was great and this video was hilarious.

Do you know any hypocrites?

Dancing Little Ceasars Man

We were on our way home from practice and saw this guy dancing… I almost stopped and got some Little Ceasars. I had to stop and catch a quick recording.

Do these dancing on the corner folks convince you to buy a product? Where have you seen the most entertaining corner dancer.

Guy Finds Out He’s Black At The Age Of 13

This video is not only hilarious, there are some deep story lines as well.

Watch and share what stands out to you.

Michelle Obama – The Evolution Of Mom Dancing With Jimmy Fallon ((Video))

This crazy viral video of Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon “The Evolution Of Mom Dancing.” Great video, I love that it ends with “The Dougie.”

No matter which side of the isle you’re on, you have to appreciate the authentic human and even comedic moments of high profile leaders.

5yo @SarahReddenDYT Rappin’ and Reppin’ The 49ers

This is funny… 5yo @SarahReddenDYT rappin’ and reppin’ her 49ers. Cool thing is she’s a #Thunder fan. Kaepernicking is what she does.

I gave my predictions on the playoffs and the #SuperBowl, so far I’ve been right. I think my streak will continue, Ravens win, Ray Leis story goes down in history and Kaepernick, Wilson, RG# and Manning’s battle it out over the next 5 years.

#1 Thing You Shouldn’t Do With Your Luggage If It Doesn’t Have Wheels

I was strolling the ATL airport a little earlier and this caught my attention… I had to shoot a quick video.

Wow! @ScottWilliams and @JawnMurray are Look Alikes

Let me start off by saying I don’t generally buy into the look alike thing; especially when it comes to me. I’ve had people tell me I look like every one from Heavy-D to Will Smith. (seriously lol) In the last several months I have had around 10 people either mistake me for, or ask me if I was Jawn Murray @JawnMurray.

The 1st time it happened was in the TBN green room in Atlanta and Pastor @edeweysmith came up to me, called me Jawn and began to have a conversation with me, before he recognized that I wasn’t him. Since then, the Jawn Murray gaffe’s have become more prevalent. This week alone, I had a guy stop me at the Detroit airport ask me was I Jawn Murray, a lady walk up to me and ask me was I Jawn Murray and yesterday at the Maximizing Your Ministry Conference in Atlanta I had two people think I was Jawn Murray.

I have joked with Jawn about all of the recent sightings, his response to me on twitter yesterday was this: “that’s hilarious man! Send me some of your sermon notes in case you ever need to “double book” yourself! Lol”  

I’m posing the question to you guys and gals. Check the pic above (I snatched from his website) and let me know what you think. Do You Think Jawn Murray and I look alike? You should check out Jawn’s site, he’s kind of a Big-Deal Entertainment, Lifestyle Reporter and Pop-Culture Connoisseur. Have you had any personal look alike experiences? If so, share them.

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