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God Of Second Chances

This is an older video that @loswhit shot. Basically he’s shooting the video for his song “God Of Second Chances” and a homeless man joins in and starts jammin’ some reggae with him. Definitely worth 5 minutes of your day. Enjoy!!!

God is truly a God of 2nd Chances and he uses a youtube video like this to communicate it to the world.

Why So Many Leaders Are Like Miley Cyrus

mileyAs I’m sure many of you did, I watched MTV’s Video Music Awards aka #VMAs2013. As there is from all of the awards shows, there was a lot to learn from the video music awards. Culture, Agenda, Style, Pushing The Limits, Trying Too Hard, History, Generational Gaps, Class, The Fact That Justin Timberlake is Timeless and the list goes on and on.

One of the more astonishing things to watch from the 2013 VMA’s was the performance of Miley Cyrus. It wasn’t just the fact that the performance was weird, ridiculous, unnecessary and that it made you feel sorry for Miley.

The performance for me made me really pause and think for a moment. It made me ask some questions and really think about Miley and what’s going on in and around her. Questions like: What is she thinking? Why is she thinking it? Is she oblivious to what’s going on around her?

After her performance I sent this simple tweet:

“That awkward moment when everyone can see the train wreck coming except for the one driving the train. – Miley Cyrus”

That tweet was retweeted countless times as it resonated with many people who saw the performance and felt the same way that I did.

One thing that I always try to do is draw leadership and life parallels to almost any and everything. As I was watching Miley it made me think about “Why So Many Leaders Are Like Miley Cyrus.” Here is the deal, I don’t hold Miley totally responsible for the train wreck road that she’s going down, I blame those around her and those closest to her. Those closest to her and those she is choosing to listen to are the ones saying, “Be yourself Miley, it’s okay, don’t listen to the haters or they are choosing to remain silent to the Miley train that is screeching down the tracks of destruction.”

I see this same scenario with leaders all the time. Although they may not be running around with a teddy bear onesie, horned pig tails, half naked, with a posse wearing teddy bear backpacks; however they are making poor decisions and creating destructive cultures. Even more problematic, those closest to the leader and those at the highest levels in the organization are often cheering on the negative leadership behavior or standing on the sidelines remaining silent to the leadership train screeching down the road of destruction.

Every leader and high profile person always has an inner circle that will either help keep them accountable or sit and watch their train come completely off the tracks. “Yes Men and Yes Women” are never the answer… Choose your inner circle wisely.

Your Name Brings Healing To Me – Planetshakers Pastor Sam Evans

Here is a short iPhone shot of Planetshakers Pastor Sam Evans (@planetshakersam) leading “Your Name Brings Healing To Me” at the opening night of the 1st ever @Planetshakers USA Conference. #Limitless

It was a great night seeing people worship, awesome word by @PastorChrisHill and the overall environment was rich as people were clearly having an encounter with God. Check out their new #Limitless CD that just released.

LIVE Video :: Kirk Franklin Kicks Off The Kings Men Tour

I surprised my wife yesterday by jumping on an airplane in #OKC and taking her to the opening night of The Kings Men Tour in Phoneix. Saturday night I told her to pack a bag and we left early Sunday morning. She literally didn’t know where we were going until we checked in to get our VIP Passes.

I will say this; Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Donnie McClurkin and Marvin Sapp put on a stellar show. It was an awesome evening of entertainment, worship and church. If you like Gospel Music just a little bit, I encourage you to check out The Kings Men Tour Schedule and grab some tickets to a city near you. It will be worth your money in the first 30 minutes.

This video is just a snapshot of the show as Kirk Franklin kicks off the evening with thousands of people engaged, worshiping and having a great time.

3 Words To Describe Nicki Minaj’s #Grammy Performance

Shortly after Nicki Minaj’s Confusing, Crazy, Weird (insert your adjective) Grammys performance I decided to ask the Twitter community what they thought about the performance.  I tweeted this tweet:

“Give me a 3 word or less description of Nicki Minaj’s performance. Your responses will be a blogpost. #grammys

In just a couple of minutes I received what appeared to be hundreds of responses.  Not sure how many it was but it was too many to cut and paste.

So let’s try this, just leave a comment stating your thoughts of Nicki Minaj’s performance in 3 words or less.  

Lakewood Worship Leader Born Without Ears Auditions On American Idol

Great illustration of how God, Faith & Focus will help you reach your God potential.

Share your thoughts on this video and how American Idol in general helps people reach their potential.

Young Lady Rocks Guitar Solo “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”

Ran across this young lady rocking a guitar solo at Potential Church.  I love seeing girls lead with guitars. It’s a short video, Enjoy!

Is it just me or does anyone else like seeing ladies rockin’ a guitar or leading with an acoustic? Who are some of your favorites?

Flavor Fest 2011 (Urban Christian Leadership Conference)

Flavor Fest is the Largest Urban Christian Leadership Conference on the planet. It’s happening October 6-9 in Tampa Florida. My man Tommy Kyllonen aka @UrbanD813 and his team lead and host this conference every year. I’ll be there in 2012. Check out the promo video and invite your friends to Flavor Fest 2011.

Win Shane & Shane’s New Album “The One You Need” Before You Can Buy It

I have some great give-aways today.  Today’s BIG give-aways include some cool stuff from some friends of mine, christian artists Shane and Shane. If you are not aware of their music, you should be, these guys are the real deal.  We recently hung out and I just love these guys genuine hearts and passion to share their gospel and impact the community.

Shane and Shane has sold over a half a million records and now they have a new project which is their first studio release in two years, The One You Need. Available Oct. 4, the project’s debut single and title track is quickly becoming a hit.  As a matter of fact just yesterday, on my way to an client appointment, I had to sit in the car and finish listening to “The One You Need” before on The Message satellite radio station before going into the meeting.

After a brief hiatus from recording, Shane Barnard and Shane Everett have returned to the studio with two years worth of new material, all self-written and self-produced. The duo, who has been playing together for 13 years, has joined efforts with Fair Trade Services, home to top artists including The Afters, MercyMe, and Derek Webb, for this new album.

The Shanes, now both married with children, created this latest record through the lens of fatherhood and community. In fact, Barnard penned the title track—a poignant letter from daddy to daughter—a week before his daughter Lucy was born. Having also recently assumed the role of worship pastors at their local church, The One You Need additionally contains songs intended to minister to those hurting around them.

Although it doesn’t release until October 4th, I already have the new album in my iTunes (I got the hook up… keep reading, you can also get the hook up).  It’s an awesome project that really compliments the Shane’s unique style and unique sound.  Some of my personal favorites include: Grace Is Sufficient, Your Love, Praise Him, Miracle and the title track “The One You Need” which is featured in the above video.  As a parent it will break your heart and make you re-focus at the same time.

Do You Want The Hook Up? We are giving away 4 different prize packages, click here to check out what is included in Package A, B, C & D.  Package A includes everything from a signed copy of the alum to 2 FREE tickets to any ticketed Shane and Shane show and more.

Winning is easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  • 1. Leave  comment stating that you would like to win a copy of the album, in your own words of course.
  • 2. Re-Tweet my tweet about winning a copy, or simply copy and paste the below tweet info. to your Facebook or Google+ status if your aren’t on Twitter.  If you don’t have Twitter, Facebook or Google+ simply leave a comment and we will pray for you to move into the new media generation.  🙂  Seriously leave a comment and let me know that you don’t have either Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  Here is the tweet you can copy and paste or you can simply find @scottwilliams on twitter and re-tweet it.  Win Shane & Shane’s new album “The One You Need” B4 You Can Buy It. (Also Tix to a Show)
  • 3. Go browse around the and check out more about the project.
  • Note: 4 Winners for packages (A-B-C-D) will be selected from the comment section and will be announced on Monday August 15th.  You can leave one comment each additional day that you follow steps 1 & 2.  Be sure to change your tweets up a bit.   An individual could have 4 entries if they tweeted and commented each day. Increase your odds, participate daily!

I will randomly choose 4 Names to win these packages with the help of or another random means from those who complete the above steps by 4:59 pm central time 8/15/11.  I will announce the winners the evening of 8/15, right here on this post. Good luck and share this info. with your friends.

The Winner Are As Follows… thanks to everyone for entering!

Package A: Andrea MacBean
Package B: @Matreames
Package C: Dana Ferguson
Package D: Steve Gagne

Eminem 60 Minutes Interview w/ Anderson Cooper

I have always been a fan of Eminem, it’s something about his story and authenticity that intrigues me.  Am I a fan of everything about him and his lyrical content?  Nope, but I pray for the guy.

Everyone has a story, this 13 minute segment from last nights 60 minute interview with Anderson Cooper highlights some of Eminem’s story.  Story of a fatherless, bullied kid who repeated 9th grade 3 times, dropped out of high school, got high, abused drugs, got addicted to drugs, was 2hrs away from dying, father who is now 3+ years sober.

This dude has major Saul to Paul potential.

God is not through with Eminem’s story, My story or Your story.

Share  your thoughts on this interview, Eminem’s comments and anything else about the controversial rapper that you would like to share.

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