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Stop The Freakin' Madness

My 9 year old son Wesley doesn’t like watching the local news; as he thinks it’s “nothing but negative and scary.”  The local news is supposed to be a snapshot of our local area, our surroundings, our world…  As I was watching the news, thinking, praying and listening;  I was reminded that my son has a point and it was motivation to post this ranting run-on sentence; I apologize in advance:

I am sick and tired of all of the negativity, as I was watching a totally false negative campaign ad against a personal friend of mine, who in my opinion happens to be one of Oklahoma’s top politicians, I just shook my head, then I listened to the story about the young girl who was kidnapped and found with help of the amber alert, then the story of the prison warden’s wife who ran off with an escaped inmate for more than 10 years, he said this she said that, voter fraud and then one of my twitter buddies said the deaths of Jennifer Hudson’s family being murdered is all over the news in Chicago, the people are buying up guns because the fear of their gun rights being negatively affected, people are hanging a look-a-like dummy of V.P. Candidate Sarah Palin suspended with a noose around her neck and calling it Halloween art, the bail-out, and this truck driver allegedly saw a little girl bound and gagged riding down the street, and these guys were caught planning the assassination of Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and a thief runs over a Lowe’s security guard, OU’s defense is not any good, the Governor allegedly gave over the limit in campaign contributions, he said this-she said that, this ignorant person dropped the “n-word” in addition to saying everyone should “own one” and to top it all off, Joe the Plumber aint even a freakin’ plumber… 

Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me…  Stop The Freakin’ Madness!  

I see why an innocent 9 year old or 40 year old for that matter can thin the news is “negative and scary.”  This Madness is not just happening because we are a week away from Nov. 4th although it ‘s heightened.  {Ugh}

A small silver lining: The stock market is up nearly 900 pts., gas is as cheap as it has been in a long time ($1.95) and the Oklahoma City Thunder kick off their inaugural season tonight.

The Real Silver Lining: God is Good… All The Time!    Praying…

Pick The President


If you could pick anyone that is currently living to be the next President of the United States, who would it be?  They can be a current candidate, a national leader, pastor, politically unknown, your boss, corporate CEO, military leader, neighbor, professor, business leader, coach… the choice is yours!

Everyone can join in, this is politics made easy as you get to Pick The President!

McCain Chooses Palin

Hey Everybody,

My name is Bert. I’ll be your emcee for the next few days while Scott Williams and family are “sufferin’ for Jesus” on a large boat somewhere South of here, and blue, and luxurious… I’m not bitter, why would I be bitter?

Moving on– the next few days we’ll have guest bloggers filling in for Scott:

Dusty Takle from “The Randomness of Dusty Takle” on Tues (for some reason I feel like fishing?!?)
David Turner from “Turned Out” on Wed
Scott Rodgers from his self titled blog “Scott Rodgers” on Thurs, and
Roger Garrett from “Roll Mental Camera”  rounding out the week on Friday

To start things off Scott wanted to get your opinions on some of the latest political news…

  • What are your thoughts on McCain’s V.P. Pick? 
  • Will it make a difference? 
  • What do you think of Palin? 
  • What do you think of the overall election thus far? 

Shout it out, let me hear ya’!

You Decide '08

Some people say I shouldn’t talk politics on my blog; well I agree… kinda!  Me and a few buddies of mine were recently chatting and asking some “What If” questions; however we didn’t know it was going to lead to all this!  Check out video below:

I don’t care who you vote for; get registered, stay informed and go vote!

News That Has My Attention

Here are some news stories that have my attention, my thoughts in parenthesis:

Any thoughts on any of these stories? Any other news that has your attention?

I Really Don't Care What People Think! (Part 2)

who-cares.jpgI just wanted to keep it real today and let you know that I Really Don’t Care What People Think!  Last year I posted a blog with the same title and I was talking about People Pleasers.   As I was looking at my most popular/most commented blog posts (some of which are controversial) and to be honest I have a strong position on each of them and I Really Don’t Care What People Think!

Check out each of those posts to the right.   As you are reading the below statements please add “I Really Don’t Care What People Think” to the end of each, here we go:

  • Barack Obama could be the first Black President but I think he’s a phony (He Scares Me!) 
  • Obama’s position on abortion, parental notification and the protection of the unborn is horrendous
  • I want to hear from more of you; if you have linked BigIsTheNewSmall let me know
  • Definitely tithe
  • I’m down w/ secular music in the church, we play it every week
  • I’m still Black; however the new blog look was definitely an upgrade
  • Reverend Wright is now a household name; I definitely don’t agree w/ his negative crud; however I think he’s being honest about how he feels and about Obama
  • I own some of those $150 jeans
  • The church is a great place to talk about sex and I’m not ready to talk to my oldest son yet
  • I personally don’t care what a pastor spends his money on… I don’t know their details or live their life; nor am I in their conversations w/ God…  Wisdom, Wisdom, Wisdom!
  • Abortion is Murder… enough said!
  • I spent many years working with Sex Offenders and although it’s not a popular position, Sex Offenders have to be treated different!

Your Turn!  Any thoughts relative to any of those blogs or my opinions?  Go ahead, sound off because I Really Don’t Care What People Think!  BigIsTheNewSmall

Concealed Weapons on College Campuses

With all of the school shootings many states and students are pushing for concealed weapons to be approved for college campuses.  The legislation failed in Oklahoma; however there is a rapidly growing group called “Students for Concealed Carry on Campus” that is pushing to make concealed carry on campuses a reality everywhere. 

  • Do you feel like having the ability to have a Concealed Weapon on a College Campus can be a deterrent for school shootings?
  • Do you have any other thoughts for or against Concealed Carry on College Campuses? 

McCain/Rice beats Obama/Clinton


A recent poll conducted by WNBC/Marist, which is bar none the best pollster in the state of New York concluded that a John McCain/Condoleeza Rice ticket beats the Democrat “Dream Team” ticket of Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama in the state of New York.  The poll concluded that 49% of New York voters (Clinton’s Home State) would vote for a McCain/Rice ticket compared to 44% voting for the Obama/Clinton ticket.  The poll also showed that none of the other combinations of a Republican ticket had a chance.

This is significant in my opinion as we approach the general election.  New York is a traditional blue state that carries 31 electoral votes.  If we remember the last two elections were decided by hanging chads and a few electoral votes in Ohio.  This is potential good news for the Republicans and bad news for the Democrats and their “Dream Team.”  It’s definitely still early; however Condi is a sharp squeaky clean high level proven commodity.  Not only will she help McCain do strong in New York but she will pick up the single issue voters (Female & African-American) all around the country.  They can kill two-birds with one stone!  This appears to be the only neutralizer for the “Obama Hype Machine!”

If there is anything that scares the Obama Camp, I can promise you it’s not Hillary; but rather a brilliant African American female who is a proven leader.

Do you think a McCain/Condi ticket makes a difference for America?  Is the Obama Camp worried?

Does it change anything for you personally?  Is it really going to happen?

Obama's Pastor of 20 Years

This is Jeremiah Wright who has been Obama’s Pastor of 20 years.

Obama had previously made a statement that everyone would feel comfortable at his church; Hmmmm is he really that naive.


20 Drive-by Shootings…

20 RANDOM BULLETS SHOOTING PAST YOUR HEAD: Friday Drive-by (20) Northwest Oklahoma City Campus: “N-dub”

  • Year One Anniversary Celebration will be March 29th and 30th

  • We want to see 100 people baptized during our year one celebration.

  • Only two weeks until Easter, are you kidding me!

My Life:

  • It was one of “those” Weeks!

  • Looking forward to some extra daylight, more time to get outside with my boys.

Featured Bloggers, Frequent Commenters: Scott and Michael at Floating Axhead  and David at turned out.  Check out their blogs.

Comment of the Week: Gina was the first to comment on the post: You Metrosexual! She said:  “If a manicure is a recurring event on your iphone.”  You should check out the comments on this post there is some good stuff. 

Link Me and I’ll Link You Back:  If you have linked or added BigIsTheNewSmall to your blogroll let me know and I’ll link you back.   

American Idol:  I’m kinda bored with it all, I hope it gets better now that we have the top 12. 

Quote:  “Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight; indecision is a dull knife that hacks and tears and leaves ragged edges behind it.” – Gordon Graham   

The Choice Is Yours: 

  • Obama, Hillary or McCain
  • NFL or College Football

  • Presidential General Election or March Madness

  • Dog or Cat

  • Cut your own grass or lawn service

  • Steak rare, medium, medium-well or well-done

  • Dine-in or Carry-out

  • Favorite TV Preacher

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